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  1. Gaming

    Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me of this. I loved the heck out of Okami. Why has it been so long since I last played Okami? I'm going to go play Okami as soon as humanly possible.
  2. General

    Good point. In a vacuum they'd about even out in usefulness perhaps. I think you could probably get around the advantages of flight more easily with the use of tech ...also could you perhaps use mid-air teleportation as a means of scouting? Not that eternally falling between disorienting repositioning sounds like a fun time
  3. General

    For personal benefit I'd rather fly. It's more fun Teleportation could probably be put to more good in helping others, though. Search and rescue, resource delivery, etc.
  4. I've just suddenly come down with an existential crises regarding the presence of highly anthropomorphic animals in Equestria alongside the regular animals. I don't know why I didn't question this at all during the movie. The more I think about this movie, the more it oddly feels like a lot of it was written for an entirely different story and then pony stuff was spliced in. Get the conspiracy theorists in here. Let's exchange notes while we suspiciously guard our own personally filtered water canteens from each other. Exhibit A: Human-like anthropomorphic animals make up roughly half the plot Exhibit B: The ponies mostly don't initiate dialogue with non-pony characters, instead responding to cues in the plot. Exhibit C: Seedy alien port town? Exhibit D: Imperial air ships? Exhibit E: Sky pirates? You can't convince me this wasn't someone taking their one chance to get their space opera story animated
  5. high school is an eternal, endless loop the characters are damned to repeat. There is no graduation.
  6. You may hate it, but you can't blame people for looking out for their future Prospekts.
  7. School is all over the place, especially since it depends so much on quality of teachers, administration, and community. A lot of what educators talk about in their debates about school is how a lot of it is a streamlined process for the benefit of businesses. It basically lets them throw a mass of children at a wall and see who sticks. The worst thing in my opinion that happened was the testing industry got their grubby mitts all over the school systems and STEM fanaticism hasn't made it easier. I feel sorry for the students who have to sit through those dozen benchmark tests now. I got out before that nonsense expanded. Some schools make it work regardless of limitations, but a lot don't. To some extent what an individual gets out of school is what they put into it, particularly when it comes to college. If you don't have an active interest or goal it's not going to do anything special for you. You don't learn anything useful dozing in class or dully copying from a book without thinking about your subject, but if you can engage in it, it's an opportunity to gain a useful base of knowledge. It is also, plainly, the only method we have anymore of socializing kids so they can adjust to being around people in a functional manner.
  8. Hmmm...for just a day? Being honest, I don't see how I could go with anything but Discord on a day out. We all want to cut loose on reality now and then.
  9. Well, the deal is that animated stories of the modern era are shifting focus more heavily onto character arcs and don't rely as much on the hero/villain conflict as the main vehicle of the hero's triumph. Even when a plainly evil villains appear, they're often more reflections of the path the protagonist could have chosen that leads to ruination. Ex: Tangled: A selfish, manipulative mother figure prey's on Rapunzel's naivety and tries to make her lose her positive attitude about the world, also contrasts Flynn who has to overcome his own self-absorption Big Hero 6: A genius overcome with grief is consumed with his own misery and turns it against society. An obvious mirror to the boy dealing with the loss of his brother and the struggle of whether he uses his grief to make the world better or turn to vengeance himself. Zootopia: A corrupt politician uses polarizing fear to seize power, as the protagonists struggle to overcome their own baggage to effectively work together Another part of it may be a phase of getting away from the over dramatic villain style, which has become a bit of a joke when it is presented these days. But I think stories in which villains are less clear and looming exceptions so much as the viciousness of ordinary people reflects on moving to an understanding of a world where we confront "evil" in this fashion more often.
  10. Blueberry Bushels
  11. Same. He's forgivable, for sure, but we definitely need to teach people that obsession isn't something to glorify. What we consume can't be our identity. Admiration shouldn't turn to idolization. Fandom is bad when it's synonymous with fanaticism. I worry our community doesn't do enough to reel in these attitudes sometimes...
  12. Gaming

    Does modding Skyrim but not actually playing it count as a game?
  13. Only just joined these forums, but I'll occasionally come across random threads searching for things and it's often very amusing to see what the big discussions were back then. The old "Are bronies for real" threads are also pretty funny. Social media really blew up since then and revealed so many legitimately bizarre and terrible things about humanity in groups that the accusations that people only were watching the show ironically seem very quaint now.
  14. I'd really enjoy something like an origins of Equestria type episode, maybe giving sly hints to many of the concepts for the show, original character designs, alternate storylines that could have happened and such.
  15. OOOOOOOOH WHHHAAAAAT I cannot believe how good this episode issskghrrgdhvxpmja Even with all this time seeing people talking it up while I've been slowly making my way up the episode list I thought it was just the fan filter speaking; this one completely blindsided me with a harpoon to the heart. There is absolutely nothing of analytical sense I am inclined to add about this episode, but I needed to unleash my months late visceral fan child squeal somewhere