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  1. Ivan The Adorable

    Gaming How do YOU play Pokémon?

    My answer is sort of "all of the above" I play the games through normally the first time. (Tend to skip generations, I don't go all out on the franchise) My endless project is to create a full dex of competitively groomed mons to create a battle roster to use with friends. Don't do much online battling. Do shiny hunting and focus on training for those I like.
  2. Ivan The Adorable

    Gaming Favorite Nintendo game (all Nintendo games)

    My gaming spirit oscillates so rapidly that I couldn't really pin one down. Okami, Animal Crossing, Windwaker, Mario Sunshine are my nostalgia picks.
  3. Ivan The Adorable

    Who is your least favourite member of the Mane Six?

    Right. Our very particular demographic of online introverts happily do not hold much sway over such an important topic. Also, whatever distaste might be had for the effect of marketing incentives on the show at times, they at least will always keep the pinkest one of the mane 6 celebrated to some degree
  4. Ivan The Adorable

    Who is your least favourite member of the Mane Six?

    By the most recent seasons, I guess it's Twilight. Feel she's lost a lot of definition as a character, and on top of that isn't really given a lot of opportunity anymore to excel at things which I would call her previous defining traits. She lost the student role and didn't really do much to make up for that. For me, it's like she fell down a staircase of plot devices, each progressively less competently used to maintain a focused character
  5. Ivan The Adorable

    Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Haven't looked at any of the leaks, but not super interested in a new direction informed by anyone who thinks AJ needs a complete overhaul, as I'm gleaning from comments. Also I've had my fill of teen centered drama for a life time. I think it's probably a good marketing move, but chances are I'm going to be fine parting on the current terms of the show. Nine seasons should be sufficient for anything I think is bound to happen for the current characters, really. Even if there's a 10th season I probably wont even show up for it by the time it lurches along. It's been a long ride.
  6. Ivan The Adorable

    Words you trivially dislike

    "Actually" Very little good follows an "actually' on the internet. It's a dang pervasive parlance though and I have to actively stop myself from similar phrasing sometimes. Good sign to reflect on whether you really need to comment on anything
  7. Ivan The Adorable

    Should MLP have aliens?

    I guess fantasy "aliens" like moon sprites, star dwelling creatures in other phenomenon would fit right in with the rest of the celestial magic
  8. Ivan The Adorable

    Animation The new Ducktales cartoon.

    Still been watching the old Ducktales series off and on for reference fun. A decent bit of background entertainment while I breed Pokemon. Surprisingly, more pop culture heavy than a lot of modern shows. They had a whole Star Trek parody episode and regularly throw in little catch phrases of other things. Anyways, watched an episode with a rogue robot called Armstrong and remembering there were several of those I had to check back at Gyro's list of evil robots in the new series: Oh dear, I thought Robotica was supposed to have had a good ending in the old series. The visual joke game is so strong.
  9. Ivan The Adorable

    Animal oddities

    I want to pet that crab so bad The not-actually-a-squid vampire squid is another favorite of mine with its flappy sack propulsion and the general uniqueness of its anatomy. Lotta cool cephalapods, but this one's the flappiest of em all. Much like your average twenty something irony poster, It flips itself inside out when threatened to pretend to be spiky.
  10. Ivan The Adorable

    Animal oddities

    Thinking about penguin mouths a lot. Post your favorite interesting/weird animal things please
  11. Ivan The Adorable

    Rhythmic Gymnasts?!?! Whaaaaat?!?!

    Hm, I guess there must be a tradition of rhythmic gymnastics in the West out of sheer likelihood, but it does seem to be more prominently tied to acrobatics and martial arts traditions where those are popular.
  12. Ivan The Adorable

    Gaming Choose any non-legendary Pokemon for a starter

    I've done this a couple times replaying games to get more legendaries and trading a level 1 themed team in. Eeveelution team is a fun one.
  13. Ivan The Adorable

    What makes where you live famous?

    I have a nostalgic fondness for Colorado because a couple of times during my childhood my family loaded up on a car trip and drove up there from Texas. Camping out in worrisome motels, stopping for picnics, getting tremendously car sick, and seeing snow for the first time in my life is what I know Colorado for. We rented skis. I got lost on the slopes for an entire day and they had to send out search parties for me. it was a good time.
  14. Ivan The Adorable

    Food What do/did you have for breakfast?

    I had an egg toast sandwich. By which I mean I was trying to make an egg in a nest but the bread stuck and tore in half so I made another egg and a sausage with it and stuck everything between two more pieces of toast. (Sprinkle of tarragon and basil. I like tarragon)
  15. Ivan The Adorable

    What makes where you live famous?

    Houston, Texas I'd propose we're most famous for our godawful city planning and horrendous traffic situation