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  1. Hey where'd you trot off to? :adorkable:

  2. What's one of your best days in your entire life? Let's see, for me, It's when I found out there is going to be a MLP movie in theaters.
  3. A fight breaks out in Ponyville. Do you stop it or place your bets?

    First, I'd go in and calm them down. If they don't want to resolve it peacefully, I'd knock them out cold. (somehow)
  4. General Jurassic World 3 news.

    True never thought of that.
  5. General Jurassic World 3 news.

    Jurassic World 3 news. - It's coming out on June 6th, 2021 - There will be no hybrid dinosaurs - I'm pretty sure the same director is in charge of it
  6. Ask a Changling!

    Of course. It's even made with love!! And desire i think...
  7. Ask a Changling!

    Ah, I forgot you eat that stuff. Or feelings. Or whatever you eat. Would you like some pizza? (that was so random)
  8. Ask a Changling!

    Wow. Considering all the trouble you have to go through to serve her. Why don't you join us and then Celestia will supply all the benifits you didn't have before!
  9. Ask a Changling!

    Ah... so, do you get any special privileges? Like medical insurance, or life insurance or some other benefits?
  10. General Dumb, trivial things that trigger you?

    When this guy says put-put gun instead for impact drill. It drives me crazy.
  11. Ask a Changling!

    Ok, I just finished a bowl of oatmeal, and I have to admit, I don't feel too good...
  12. Ask a Changling!

    I can see!! Did you eat anything yummy for breakfast?
  13. Ask a Changling!

    No, just asking, they look really shiny and white.
  14. Ask a Changling!

    Hey buddy! Been to the dentist lately?
  15. General Do you want children?

    Well, I want to have two beautiful kids and build them a bedroom filled with MLP.