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  1. Sondash Studios

    What's the Scariest thing to ever happen to you?

    I almost died in real life when my temperature rose to 105.3 when I had strep throat/fever.
  2. Alpine Skiing in 2 hours! Get ready for those jumps!

    Image result for sonic alpine skiing

    1. Heart Star

      Heart Star

      Ok. This is when I'm gonna snowball. I always do that in Wii Fit.

  3. Sondash Studios

    How open are you about ponies?

    I do my best not to tell anyone that I'm a brony because they are very harsh towards them. Only my closest friends are okay with me being one.
  4. My favorite roller coaster is the Fury 325 (Tallest giga coaster in the world) I rode it about 50 times already to the point where it's just boring riding it.
  5. Sondash Studios

    What is wrong with you?

    Sever asthma in the cold if I run or walk at all, mildly allergic to gluten, scared hell of heights even though I ride roller coasters.
  6. Sondash Studios

    Do you like eating ice?

    Sure! Just dump some actual icecream on it, drizzle some chocolate and caramel, and you're good to go!
  7. I will randomly think of ANYTHING and just laugh juts laugh at it for no reason.
  8. Sondash Studios

    Snow Wars!

    Throws a hell assault of snowballs at: @Arc Flash, @AJ2489, @Aqua shine, @shyabetes3939, @Heart Star, @Fluttershy4ever, @Phosphor, @DivineGlow1000, @Crow2, @DEFENDER, @Sherbert MGS, @Button Feri, @Dreambiscuit, @Raririsu, @Sleet Heat, @Tylad, @Zayfen, @Merry Brony 2A.
  9. Results from the Bobslding Competition:

    First place: Team Ponyville - @Arc Flash, @shyabetes3939, @Heart Star, @Aqua shine

    Second Place: Team Sonic - Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Silver

    Third place: Team Equestria Girls: Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie

    Hope that competition was fun! 

    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Not bad for never Bobsledding in my life:derp:

    2. Heart Star

      Heart Star

      Haha! The jokes paid off!

  10. Sondash Studios

    Food Do you eat meat?

    Yes, I love meat. You can't say no to BBQ.
  11. Sondash Studios

    Your location?

    Born near Sacramento Valley In California. Curently living in a small cozy neighborhood called Coulwood in West Charlotte, North Carolina.
  12. Sondash Studios

    Is happiness the only good feeling?

    Loved, joyful, peaceful, excited, honesty, forgiveness, one of the few feelings that are good in this world.
  13. Sondash Studios

    What are you proud of?

    I'm proud of: Being a brony Sondash fan Talented at art and music Being a good soccer player Not on drugs, alcohol, etc. Being responsible Being a Christian Friend to others
  14. Sondash Studios

    Super famous forum memebers

    @Jeric is probably the most popular. I'm the most popular Sonic/Sondash user here on the forums at least.
  15. Sondash Studios

    Do you have a special somepony?

    Well, no... I had my heart broken by an American girl before I even talked to her, so I said I'm only dating Romanian girls (Yes, they're hot) Then, I was about to ask this Romanian girl out when I found out her "real" self on my snap chat group chat when she just curses and annoys other people. Right now, I have a crush on this Romanian girl who likes me. I have a really complicated and sad love life. That's why we got bromance. (No homo)