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  1. Good morning everyone! 

    How did you all sleep last night? Well, I gotta go and continue the bistro lessons! See ya!:mlp_laugh:

    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Good morning!:D

      Very well,just not long

      Have a awesome day:-D

    2. KindaEvilTwily



      Yeah, no bad!

      Have a good day!

      I just managed to have the free time to come online, better go and get my photo taken again (they didn't accept my first one, due to me accidentally writing a part of the form incorrectly, so I have to do the full form again)

  2. Sondash Studios

    If the Kirin stayed silent, would you pet them?

    Well yes!! I want to pet that nice, wooly, fluffy mane of theirs! Plus, they look adorable!! Of course, I'd ask them first if they can reply.
  3. Sondash Studios

    Gaming Your 'go-to' video games for relaxing?

    Probably Mario Kart Wii. Or minecraft. Or just one of the those classic old games I have.
  4. Well, you all are invited to the lunch/party! (And I gave up on Shadow after putting on that pink apron. And Silver was more interested in playing Indians)

    See the source imageSee the source image

    And yes! We do See the source imagehave authentic Sonic Chili Dogs!


    1. Zayfen


      Chili dogs? ... Chili dogs... CHILI DOGS! I'd be running around at the speed of sound just to have one! Count me in, mate!

  5. A lot of times, I just feel overwhelmed and stressed out after a whole day of school and even more homework after. Coming here and meting my friends relives it completely and I feel at home once again in this awesome place.
  6. So I invited my friends over to help me cook up a big feast for tomorrow, and we ended up making a mess... which I have to clean up...



    1. Zayfen


      Shadow seems to take his cooking ... ahem... Very seriously! XD

  7. Sondash Studios

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    Unpopular opinions that other airheads have: - The show sucks now - It's for girls - The new episodes are bad (Honestly, I don't judge for this, but I'm just happy episodes are still made) - It's too girly and "magical"
  8. Sondash Studios

    What if the show ended after S3?

    I wouldn't be here... I wouldn't have all these freinds... I would forget about MLP... My life would never be the same... I try not to even imagine these things.
  9. Sondash Studios

    Ask Screwball

    So... hi! Does Discord teach you anything about causing chaos?
  10. Good morning everypony! How did you all sleep last night? Hopefully better than me. I am dead tired and I have to take bistro lessons this next few weeks to cook more stuff than just chili dogs.

    Related image



      good mornin bro

  11. Sondash Studios

    What do you like the smell of?

    I love the smell of authentic Romanian food, Chickfila, Chipotle, new shoes, and new book (Which guess Twilight would agree)
  12. Goodnight everypony! My you all have sweet dreams tonnight!

    Image result for sonic sleeping

  13. Sondash Studios

    First MLP episode you watched?

    The first episode was the one where AppleJack was working too hard and everything in Season 1. I was around 6 or 7 years old at that time.
  14. Sondash Studios

    What do you like the smell of?

    Ooh ya!! I love the smell of: - Spearmint 2. Calvin Clein perfume 3. Sausage Perfume 4. Fresh MLP comics
  15. Well, Rainbow Dash should've know better. It was a fun but awesome race!! She, lost though but we had fun!!