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  1. mlp_reformed_queen_chrysalis_by_lightnin

    Chryssalis was in this episode, I am so happy for her ^_^

  2. "Hey there is that pony from that TV show." And the pony would be like, "I am from a TV show, how dare you I am real person!" Wait what a TV show?
  3. The show will go on Disney+ and 4 season rule doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  4. I won't call it I love this episode, I just like it , I really enjoyed that all of them bonded over their hatred over ponies, even though I thought that Tirek didn't have strong feelings toward Twilight whatsoever. And I don't really understand what exactly is Cozy Glow grudge towards Twilight. Chrysalis is the only one who might hate ponies because they turned her hive against her. And of course all of them turned against Grogar like I thought they would.
  5. I am really happy that when the show first started it gave me so many happy memories. Despite it original flaws it was interesting enough to hook me up. I didn't much cared about Twilight's new school but maybe it just because it was geared for different demographic then me. Pretty sure I find Grogar boring, but hey he is a final boss of the game.
  6. Chrysalis pokes Grogar body, "Is that old goat dead?" Cozy Glow shrugs her shoulders "I heard him go like Ugh, I am having heart attack! Drops on the floor dead." Chryssalis turns to Tirek and asks him, "Is that true?" Tirek looks at her and says, "heck if I know, I am just happy we could finally leave. So pizza?" Chrysalis blinks for a moment, "Sure." She trots next to him and then they both turn their heads to Cozy Glow Tirek sighs, "Fine, the pipsqueak can come too." "Yay friendship!" Cozy Glow grins happily.
  7. 103e91e381ad243433bc35484a768e2c.jpg

    For all of you Coco fans out there :mlp_grin:

    1. Tacodidra


      Poor Coco... :sunny: But in all honesty, it's been so long since her last appearances, I'd even take this! :muffins:

  8. Let's keep this thing going before the fun ends