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  1. Well, that's freakin' mean.
    I was SO close to getting my first Platinum trophy...
    It turns out I can only get all Support abilities, namely EXP Zero, by playing ON PROUD OR CTITICAL.
    And it carries over data from previous save files, but resets unlocked abilities.
    Locking them ALL again.

    98% of trophies unlocked. Oh, well.


    This, at least, means I've finished all I can do in Kingdom Hearts HD: Dream Drop Distance! My GOD I've done a lot..

    Now, for the final game playable on Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far - 


    Kingdom Hearts 0.2 - A Fragmentary Passage. Apparently it takes, like, two hours to beat.


    And THEN my Kingdom Hearts Throwback Plan comes into play once I 100% AFP.