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  1. Did you ever by any chance watch the anime "One Punch Man", like the very first episode?

    My favorite enemy/monster design, so sad he was destroyed so quickly:

    1. Xeltor


      I did watch the first season! Love it as well! (I think he got like that by eating so many crabs/lobster yeah?)

    2. Splashee


      Yes, he did, and that "ugly" kid with the big chin drew nipples on his chest with a permanent marker. That was great comedy that I regret doesn't exist later in the series. Kid: "but I can't leave, my soccer ball" lol!!

      What I love about this character is his way of looking so real, especially while walking. His underwear from the butt side looks so realistic it is scary! And his lips, teeth, and cow tongue.
      Attitude was okay, but the way he was walking, like a boss battle in a video game, it is just so good! :D