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  1. Well the difference is those are just tame and kind of cheesy fun. But those games don't contain much disturbing stuff and is more mindless fun in that sense. I haven't tried Dragon's Lair but those were the very early Laser Disc interractive software i think in terms of full motion video games. Somewhere in the 90s they thought that FMV games would be the way of the future i think which may explain why somewhat alot of experiments was introduced. Games such as "Ripper" 1996 (which actually has good actors that some may recognize in it though people may be critical of the game itself though, but the overall actors are pretty good. But that one is like the only FMV game i sort of tolerated over the others, maybe its just that some are used too it but i just cannot understand how someone can act like its nothing, maybe its just me who can't be into it.)
  2. I want all male bronies atleast to look like this. Tech kind of people, looks pretty much like some person who knows what he's doing. Just overall cool.
  3. I was watching some IT 1990 clips. Most are just amusing. Like i think its more fascinating thrill than horror, and the "ahawk" voice of the actor is what i come for. There is however one creepy scene that made me have nightmare. That was the one scene when Bill looks through Georgies Photo Album and he sees a picture of him blinking. Like that plus the music, i literally had that image in my head while sleeping was seriously creepy so it took awhile to sleep more or less. So imagine if you have a MLP poster or something suddently in the middle of the night it would do that. Like yeah somewhat sounds cute but not really that would be insanely disturbing to be honest. But just wondering your view on what would creep you out in terms of horror elements or what you have seen that has let that impact.
  4. Like i've seen Retsupurae Let's play on such game or Slowbeef and sometimes Diabetus. And i don't know how they can stay so calm with the disturbing part happening in the games. Games such as Phantasmagoria, Harvester or Dark Seed just to mention a few. For me i have trouble eating or feel insanely guilty about it atleast whenever i watch it because its so disturbing on many levels ( i mean i never actually eat while watching youtube videos lol, but its sort of stuck in the head).. As in consuming stuff i wish i didn't do. I just think there are so much disturbing elements to these old games i don't understand why some LPers look at them and go "yeah... yeah thats totally not shocking to me or disturbing in anyways"
  5. FlowerSun

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Thats the english word for pony snout right . "gets booped"
  6. FlowerSun

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Boops @Snowon the muzzle
  7. FlowerSun

    Do humans have cutie marks?

    Well i guess. But that universe seems magical, they suddently get pony ears and longer hair for some reason so. Example: 4:50. Sunset Shimmer has no cutie mark But at 5:01 transformation complete. Though its on the skirt but maybe its sort of like imprint stuff. Theories.
  8. FlowerSun

    Do humans have cutie marks?

    Well maybe they actually have it. But considering humans have a sense of shame they have clothes so we never know.
  9. FlowerSun

    Should the show's staff members troll us?

    So imagine MLP creator just go on here to troll. That's something i don't think would make sense since she's very talented and don't want to waste time on such stuff. But that would be pretty randomly interesting if that is one of their hobbies.
  10. Pony in a desert. They need water. I need to see it one day.
  11. You know they have sea ponies in this movie, they also had it in the 80s so just wondering. Or maybe its like Spyro the Dragon, they just swim normally and are normal ^^
  12. Its here in cinema... but its not in english : (
  13. FlowerSun

    Would you want this as your pet

    Just wondering. Its very interesting
  14. FlowerSun

    Do humans have cutie marks?

    Like ponies do...on the butt.
  15. FlowerSun

    Spoiler Dragon bigotry

    Well some dragons are, not all dragons. Same with humans, bad humans exist. Usually with bad environment comes bad attitude.