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  1. Beta looked at moon and sat up against the cart. "Thanks." He said with a sigh of relief.
  2. Beta pulled over next to them and got out. He rushed over and stared angrily at the clone. "Don't you dare move!" He yelled at the clone.
  3. Beta sat up and looked around as the smoke cleared. "Alright, I call dibs on killing that guy." He said getting up and looking at the others.
  4. With the other two in the cart Beta sped off to catch up with her. "It might not be the fastest thing but It'll keep our energy up. Once we find him he wont be able to get a way."
  5. I would buy a state of the art alienware computer, then buy a state of the art game design software, after that probably give the rest to charity or something.
  6. OH yeah, i can do nice with that kinda money. Oh yeah, i can do good with that kinda money
  7. Beta stopped the cart infront of the others. "Get in. I'll Tell you what happened later." Beta said, making sure his goggles were secured on him.
  8. As they were talking the clone rushed by them. Followed by Beta speeding on an automated cart. "AY! GET BACK HERE!"
  9. Beta looked at him and smirked as the human offered the challenge. "I think your going over your head stranger." He said as he walked towards the human.
  10. Beta looked at his computer. "Still working on it. But I'll get there, I have to take my time, can't afford to mistrace this kind of information. I'll call again when I have more information." He said hanging up and gluing himself to the books and computers.
  11. Beta looked at the papers closely. "Yup, I don't know where or why though, and sorry if I called at a bad time." He said studying more.
  12. Beta looked through his papers to ensure he didn't make a mistake. "It says it was originated here in town."
  13. Beta studied the clone carefully and backtracking where it originated. He quickly became confused and called splinter. "I found something very interesting."
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