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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. What about up to the Epilogue episode? How much time has passed in-universe since the show started?
  3. Thanks for following me bro . :)

  4. Know what? Considering that I've been patient af since I staryed up topics for my RPs on this site and NO ONE has bothered trying to register for them, I'm officially announcing that they've pretty much been dead before they even had a chance to begin living as it were. Heck, I'm still running an RP on Facebook that is barely alive right now after I started it on May 1, 2015.

  5. Welcome to Smash Plaza, where fighting is a way of life & those who fight are practically Celebrities! Here are the rules: 1) No RPing here until you register. After you register, THEN you can join in. 2) No God Modding (i.e. Permanent Invincibility, using your Final Smash when you haven't broken the Smash Ball at all, dodging despite failed D20 dodge rolls(1-9), etc.) 3) Keep everything at least E10+. 4) No killing outside of matches 5) Success of any & all Final Smashes will be determined by a D20 roll based on where the targets of the Final Smash are & it's Final Smash type. Transformation Final Smashes are exempt from this ruling & their time limit can be lengthened for 1 addtional post if you roll 10 or higher on a D20. 6) Characters that have healing abilities of their own will have their damage recovery be determined by a D20 roll, the lower the number, the less you recover. 6.5) If said healing abilities absorb energy projectile attacks, they will recover the amount of health equal to the damage they would have taken. 7) You can roll to either shield or dodge an attack if you wish to do so. If you have a D20, you must roll at least a 10 or higher to successfully dodge or shield. 7.5) Reflector moves automatically reflect projectiles with 1.5x normal damage & reflected energy projectiles can still be absorbed by the previously stated healing abilities stated in rule 6.5. 8) Attack damage is determined by a D20 roll. The lower the number, the less damage you do. 8.5) Damage scaling based on D20 roll: *1: 5%/5HP Damage depending on whether or not the match is a Stamina Match. *2: 10%/10HP *3: 15%/15HP *4: 20%/20HP *5: 25%/25HP *6+: 30%/30HP Registration Center
  6. Know what? I'm going to make it kind of run like DnD, only with a custom ruleset of my own. It's not going to be overly complicated.
  7. Been gone nearly 30 hours & I find this. Soul Eater is an awesome Anime/Manga series & Harry Potter was great when it came to the books, the movies? Not so much after the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" movie. Don't get the wrong idea. This doesn't mean I'm coming back to participate in SU, I'm just going to check in on the RP to see if it will work or if it will flop. RPs that are as Realistic as SU have been known to not last long & scare off RPers. I'm expecting SU to die off within 6 months. If it lasts longer than that, I'll congratulate you Blitz & Duality. If not, I'll just give you an A for Effort anyway.
  8. Know what Duality & Blitz? Screw SU. I'm just gonna give up on this RP since you're obviously wanting a bit too much realism. I mean, what's the point of me even using Dante here if all you're going to do is restrict her to the point where she will be be nothing but a shell of what she's supposed to be? I mean, when I first saw this OOC, I thought that maybe I would get a good RPing experience as my first RP on this site, but instead, it's been nothing but the DMs wanting to restrict what may as well be a great character that wouldn't need so many restrictions because of certain tastes here. I've run an RP for nearly 3 years & I've not tried to be this controlling and I've only had to ban 1 RPer despite that I was trying to bend the rules for him only to be repaid with a metaphorical slap to the face in the form of breaking MY rules!!! I hope that you can get someone to replace me & my OC here. Oh & Realism and Magic don't mix well in an RP. I was involved in another RP that had a similar set up to this & it didn't last long because of that. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience here. One more thing, I'm not trying to guilt trip you or anything here, I'm just letting you know that I'm washing my hands clean of SU. If SU fails, that's on your heads, not mine.
  9. Duality, she was in College at age 8, right after her parents died. Also, she was homeschooled. Oh & she had started up Wubbington Industries halfway into her 8 year journey, which if I'm assuming correctly about this here, is the only company that provides Magitek, which in turn means that Wubbington Industries has a worldwide monopoly on the Magitek market on SU's Earth. Oh & you're right that it would take years under normal circumstances. Well, I hate to burst your bubble here but a Unicorn Kirin filly ain't normal in a college setting & that's in a world where the presence of magic is brought back into the modern world at that. Try to imagine how normal Dante is here in regards to SU's own Earth. In my opinion, she's at least wierd even with her being a natural born genius. At most? She's batshit insane with everything that's happened after college, especially with the torture that she's been forced to endure & she uses that for her creativity. Also, I plan on releasing additional information that will be (mostly) exclusive to SU. If you see anything else that doesn't match up with her profile, don't worry, it's probably something exclusive to SU.
  10. The rest of the science subjects she has Master's Degress for are: Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Astrology/Astronomy, Engineering, & Applied Physics/Mathematics,
  11. Dante thinks about it, "If I'm going to sound professional or formal, I'd prefer 'Ms. Wubbington', but if it's just to be casual, I'd prefer Dante," summons a cup of hot tea from her H.A.T.C.H. & takes a sip of it "Gotta love that Jasmine Tea," sighs in relief, "Oh & the look on your face earlier told me that you talking to yourself wouldn't help me with my mental condition. I've studied Psychology alongside Quantum Mechanics & Engineering. I've had years to get some control over Gearstep. Of course, back when she was first created, she was a bloodthirsty monster for about a month. Now adays, she's more of a nuisance to me when I don't need her input on things, such as back on the roof on whether or not I should jump in to interfere in that fight in the courtyard. Don't get me wrong, she loves a good fight but she prefers to get her opponents angry to force them to make a mistake & when they do make a mistake, she's going to take advantage of that mistake and beat them down for it. Me? I prefer to analyze my opponent's fighting style so I can make the appropriate counter measures for them when I feel like I've gathered enough data on them to fight back effectively. When Gearstep & I switch at the right times, we're a force to be reckoned with when we face an opponent together that knows nothing of our fighting styles & tactics." Dante summons her lesson plan folder from her H.A.T.C.H., "these are the lessons I have planned. Also, I have a good idea on how to introduce myself & Gearstep to the students. However, it requires that I have my Virtual Reality Mana Drive to work properly. I call it the 'Specter Sapphire'," she then teleports the Magitek project in question along with her notes for it, "I need a second opinion on the Specter Sapphire. I've run & crunched the numbers myself & it should be working fine yet it's not able to do anything supposed to. I should look at the blood sample I used to see if it's one of the ones that was willingly given or if it's one of the samples I was forced to take from a freshly dead corpse back in that war," she then pulls up a Hologram Monitor & looks through her blood samples that she has and finds the one she was looking & facepalms, "Of course it's the one from the corpse of a Master Illusion mage," sighs in disappointment of what she did, "If I had checked earlier, I probably would have caught that before now."
  12. Dante follows Duality, "Dr. Duality, I've seen & been through a lot in the past 8 years that would break the minds of most people. A secret war between 4 tribes of mages, inhumane torture, & I was even forced to create Magitek that would kill off an entire village in mere seconds. The torture was what created Gearstep. Before you say that you're sorry, don't. I don't need anyone's pity, just something that would be considered 'normal' for a mage & I'm good here. Then again, the definition of normal varies from person to person. For some, insanity is normal. Others, it's usually the small things in life," then she summons her shades & puts them on, making her look like she's not been injured in her life, "These shades of mine help me hide the scars so that I don't get asked about how I got them. Also, do you usually have this kind of effect on others, as in they trust you immediately with their secrets & what not?"
  13. Larxene is from the Kingdom Hearts series. She's sadistic. That's the short of it. The Personality section of Larxene's wikia page will explain her personality better.