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  1. Banished? Honestly, what goes on here?? You're an awesome new member here and I was just about to add you to my follow list. With all the trash I see permitted on some of the threads on this forum, I find it hard to see anything to justify banishing someone like you. I'm truly sorry to see it, Iris, and I'm sure someone screwed up royally.

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    2. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      @Hightlyze yeah, but honestly, what's going on? How'd she get banished? She seemed okay

    3. Dreambiscuit


      Whatever the reason was, we have a little thing called Warning Points if there’s a legitimate problem. If there’s any concern, they should give a member the chance to explain themselves. Most likely there wasn’t anything wrong at all.  

    4. kinda deleted