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  1. 6 minutes ago, flutterJackdash said:

    Okay, this is most of what I have read:

      Reveal hidden contents


    ·         Fics I Have Read

    o   -Pinkamena_Pie-

    §  The Hour of Twilight

    o   2K Chrome

    §  Angel of Friendship

    o   71NYL-5CR4TCH

    §  Spring’s Song

    §  Winter’s Howl

    o   8686

    §  Diplomacy

    o   AbsoluteAnonymous

    §  Magical Pony Ultrasounds

    §  Shipping Goggles

    §  The Games We Play

    §  Where You Can't Follow

    o   Andrew Joshua Talon

    §  Doctor Whoof: First Impressions

    §  Hands

    §  Pony Tales: Belle Runner

    §  Progress

    o   Apocalypse Pony

    §  Pinkiemania

    o   Applejackisbest

    §  The spark of hope

    o   Aquarian Poet

    §  The Rainbow Effect

    o   Arbarano

    §  Loyalty

    §  Three Little Words

    o   Arwhale

    §  Hoof Covers Bruise

    §  Like Shattered Glass

    §  Taking Care

    o   B_25

    §  I Didn’t Mean to Kiss Scootaloo!

    o   Baby Seal Burritos

    §  A Selection of Sappy, Sweet, and Sometimes Somber Short Stories and Snapshots

    o   BronyNeumo

    §  Keep the Earth Below my Hooves

    §  Shattered

    §  To Fix You

    §  What If?

    o   Caddy Finz

    §  Mobster Meets Equestria

    §  Ponies Meet New York

    o   Candle Light

    §  The Third Generation

    o   CandleEyes

    §  By the Unfaltering Light of the Sky

    o   Capn_Chryssalid

    §  Eros Dreaming

    §  The Best Night Ever

    o   CapNTilfy

    §  Stream Team

    o   Chengar Qordath

    §  The Life and Times of a Winning Pony

    §  The New Life of a Winning Pony

    §  The Incredibly Apologetic Letters of Rainbow Dash

    §  The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash

    o   chief maximus

    §  At Home on the Range

    §  Breaking Barriers

    o   Cipher800

    §  In The Beginning

    o   Cloudy Skies

    §  Lost and Found

    §  No Recipe For Perfection

    §  Rainbow Dash’s Best Plan Ever

    §  Taken For Granite

    §  To Perytonia

    §  Twice As Bright

    §  Well Grounded

    §  Where Earth Meets Sky

    §  Where They Are Joined

    §  Where Your Heart Is

    §  Within and Without

    o   Cold in Gardez

    §  Naked Singularity

    §  The Destruction of the Self

    §  The Destruction of the Self (Contest Version)

    o   Colour Coded Chaos

    §  The L Words

    o   Comma-Kazie

    §  Changes

    §  From the Mouths of Fillies

    o   Connor the Brony

    §  Endings

    §  Who Am I...?

    o   Corejo

    §  Reading Rainbow

    §  Transcendence

    o   CosmicWaltz

    §  Diplomacy

    o   DawnFade

    §  Eternity

    §  Pirates For A Day

    o   DeadParrot222

    §  Tiny Wings

    o   Deep Pond

    §  Great and Powerful Heart

    o   device heretic

    §  Dictated, Not Read

    o   Diamond dust

    §  Old Timber

    o   Donnys Boy

    §  Our True Colors

    §  Seeking Beauty

    §  The Lessons Left Unlearned

    o   Dr.Shisno

    §  Fifteen Ciders Ago

    o   Drakmire

    §  For Those We Left Behind

    o   Drakkith

    §  How to Preen Your Chicken

    o   Eskerata

    §  Letters From A Puzzled Princess

    o   Estee

    §  A Duet For Land And Sky

    §  Dear Friend,

    §  Jury Duty

    §  Jury Duty II: Jury Harder

    §  Jury Duty III: Summoned With A Vengeance

    §  On The Application Of Time And Motion Efficiency Studies To Initial Relationship Formation

    §  Sonic Rainbigot

    §  Surge Protectors

    §  The Slipped Case

    §  Triptych

    §  War Journal Of The Second Equestrian Revolution (Second-Grader Rarity Belle Commanding)

    o   Evan Maclan

    §  Mistaken for Strangers

    o   Eventide Indigo

    §  Words From Our Hearts

    o   FanNotANerd

    §  I'll Fly Higher

    §  Why Didn't Ah Stay at Th' Farm?

    o   Fellstorm

    §  The Prince and the Workhorse

    o   Fillyfoolish

    §  Lamentations

    o   Flashgen

    §  Untwisting the Knot

    o   Foals Errand

    §  Dear Princess Celestia

    o   Fresh Blood

    §  Changes

    o   Frost Flower

    §  Simple Gestures

    o   Ganondox

    §  Learn to Fly (Derpy's Tale)

    o   GySgt Buck

    §  A Stitch in Time

    o   Hollyfern

    §  Moving on: Silver Spoon's story

    o   IHasApple

    §  Applejack’s Love

    o   Incredible Blunderbolt

    §  Trust

    o   InsertAuthorHere

    §  Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground

    o   Ivory Piano

    §  Candy Apple

    o   Jade Ring

    §  An Oral History of the Rise of the New Lunar Republic

    §  Apple Family Secrets

    §  Can You Read My Mind?

    §  Cutie Mark Crusaders Dream Warriors

    §  Dear Applebloom

    §  Dear Dinky Hooves

    §  Dear Scootaloo

    §  Dear Sweetie Belle

    §  Field of Screams

    §  From the Archives of Truth

    §  Just a Glimpse/Suddenly, Spikey

    §  Kiss Me

    §  Let It Snow

    §  Morning Glory

    §  Motherhood

    §  On Swift Wings

    §  Paternally Yours

    §  Phases of the Moon

    §  Return to Slender

    §  Slender

    §  Sweet Dreams

    §  Sweetie and Dimmy

    §  The Changelings Have a King

    §  The Darkest Timeline

    §  The King of Lies

    §  The Sin of Envy, or a Mother's Love

    §  The Thirteenth Hour

    §  The Twelve Nights of Hearth's Warming

    §  Today, I Make Plans for Another

    §  Today, I Marry My Best Friend

    §  Today, I Might Murder My Wife

    §  What's Done in the Dark...

    §  You'll Be Back

    o   James Pwyll

    §  That

    o   Jay David

    §  Sibling Rivalry

    o   Jhoira

    §  A Nice Wedding

    o   JohnPerry

    §  Trains, Carriages and Airships

    o   Kegisak

    §  The Secrets of Bitmore Theatre

    o   KHXHero

    §  Kingdom Hearts 2.7: Friendship Is Magic

    §  KINGDOM HEARTS: Fractured Friendship

    o   KnightMysterio

    §  Mothers

    o   Kommunist Kensei

    §  Hot Chocolate

    o   Konseiga

    §  Forever Faithful

    o   Kwakerjak

    §  Petriculture

    §  Wild, Sweet & Cool

    o   Ladydestinae

    §  Cutie Mark Clarity

    §  Her Arrival

    §  Of Delicate Things… And Hard Work…

    §  Saying Goodbye

    §  The Apple Family

    o   Lamia

    §  Hereditary

    o   Larathin

    §  A Summer Twilight

    o   leeroy_gIBZ

    §  Biography of a Hikikomori

    §  Crystal Apocalypse

    o   Lights

    §  Leap of Faith

    o   Lucky Dreams

    §  Paint the Night with Stars

    §  Sweetie's Letter

    o   Mayclore

    §  Two and Two and Two

    o   Mazzyrazzy

    §  Trails and Trials

    o   McSqueakers

    §  Lost Time

    o   milesprower06

    §  A Kingdom For Her Horn

    §  The Sword of Harmony

    o   Mindblower

    §  The Story of My Life

    o   Mist

    §  Like Me

    o   Moon Shooter

    §  Sweetie's Mansion

    o   Muse Rush

    §  What We Make Of It

    o   Nathan Hon

    §  Let Your Heart Flutter

    o   Nocturnas

    §  Fly On

    o   Nordryd

    §  Rumors

    o   NorrisThePony

    §  Dusk Falls

    o   Ocalhoun

    §  Undeliverable

    o   Overlord-Flinx

    §  Know your Mare


    §  Never Stop Smiling

    o   Paleo Prints

    §  Choices

    §  The Three Whooves

    o   Paleowriter

    §  How to Woo Your Lady in Nine Easy Steps

    o   Paradigm Shine

    §  The Last Crusade

    o   Pascoite

    §  My Funny Sister

    §  The Promises We Keep

    o   Pastel Pony

    §  When "Happy" Never Comes

    o   Pegasus Rescue Brigade

    §  Shipping and Handling

    o   Pen Stroke

    §  Past Sins

    o   Perpetual Lurker

    §  Make a Wish

    o   Ponichaeism

    §  The Mare in the High Castle

    o   Puppo530

    §  The Strangest Story

    o   Pyre

    §  For Her

    o   Raefire

    §  Family & Friends

    o   Raiden Gekkou

    §  Dear Twilight

    o   Rainbow Sparkle

    §  One Last Letter

    o   RainbowDoubleDash

    §  Boast Busted

    §  Longest Night, Longest Day

    o   RavensDagger

    §  Of Challenges and Kisses

    o   RazedRainbow

    §  Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    §  The Mill

    §  Third Time’s A Charm

    o   Real_Harmony Sparkle

    §  The Princess Files

    o   Remedy

    §  Address Unknown

    §  Destination Known

    o   Ringcaat

    §  The Combinatorics Project

    o   ROBCakeran53

    §  My Little Dashie

    o   Rose Quill

    §  Race You

    o   RoyalBardofCanterlot

    §  Hear Me In My Distress, Have Mercy On Me

    o   SanityLost

    §  D-I-V-O-R-C-E

    o   Saphroneth

    §  MLP Time Loops

    o   Sarahbeara13

    §  Love Potion Revenge

    o   SC_Orion

    §  Never Too Late

    o   Schizoid Nightfall

    §  Madness

    §  Perhaps

    §  Tay Tay

    §  The April Fool

    o   ShadyAwesomeness

    §  Enough

    o   Shotoman

    §  Spike's Hoard

    o   Silent Whisper

    §  No Need to Say Goodbye

    o   Silver Cloud

    §  I Miss You

    o   Silverquill

    §  Minotamed

    o   Skeptical Poet

    §  Genuine

    §  The Pony Poetry Series

    o   Slowpoke

    §  Buried a lie

    o   Snowflake Ice

    §  A Boring Day

    o   Soothing Stone

    §  Kiss of the Dark

    §  Shipping Wars

    o   Soundslikeponies

    §  Let's Find You a Date!

    o   Sparkle

    §  The Price of Grace

    o   Squeak-anon

    §  Caramel's Light

    o   Staeg Masque

    §  The Cold Hand of Mercy

    o   Starlight_Flight

    §  Crying in a Bottle

    o   Storm Butt

    §  A Rainbow Cut Short

    o   take flight

    §  Watch the Skies

    o   Tchernobog

    §  Those Blue Wings

    o   Terse

    §  Leave Your Crusts

    o   TGMEQ

    §  Finding a Friend

    o   Thanqol

    §  Yours Truly

    o   ThatBronyWithTheClipOns

    §  TwiMacVerse Part 1: Apples Are Magic

    §  TwiMacVerse Part 2: Love is a many Splendid Pile of Crazy

    §  TwiMacVerse Part 3: The Apple of My Bulls Eye

    o   The Descendant

    §  A Sweet Taste of Cake

    §  Shine

    o   The Rarispy

    §  The Gemmed Satyr

    §  The Sweetest Gem

    §  The Trotzamore Stratagem

    o   The Seer

    §  Those Weaker Ripples

    o   The_EE

    §  Things That Go South In The Night

    o   Theamberfox

    §  The Mailmare

    o   Thecrazyrabidfangirl

    §  Tears of a Goddess

    o   TheGentlecoltAlex

    §  As The Wind Whispered Away Another Day

    o   TheOnly

    §  R.A.I.N.B.O.W Dash

    o   ThePinkedWonder

    §  Princess Cadance Saves Equestria (Wait, What?!)

    §  Princess Celestia Saves Equestria (And Pay Up!)

    §  To Save a Plant

    §  Twilight Sparkle Marries a Book (Seriously, Twilight?!)

    §  When Dating a Sunset...

    o   TheQLQwardvark

    §  Barking Mad

    o   TheRedFox

    §  fallin'

    §  Mareplane!

    o   TheSlorg

    §  Surface Deep

    o   Theswimminbrony

    §  The Things We Leave Behind

    o   Thyrai

    §  Decay

    §  The Magic Never Fades Away

    o   Titanium Dragon

    §  Dying To Get There

    o   Toriandthehorse

    §  Beginning of Eternity

    o   torrentialCAM

    §  Running From Myself

    o   Totallynotabrony

    §  Celestia visits the Colbert Report

    o   Triscy

    §  Feathers

    o   Tumbleweed

    §  Strange Bedfillies (Or: Nopony Loves Twilight Sparkle)

    §  Twilight Sparkle vs. Bridle-Zilla

    o   uberPhoenix

    §  A World Without Rainbows – Act I: The First Breach

    §  A World Without Rainbows – Act II: The Twilight Hour

    §  A World Without Rainbows – Act III: The Grandfather Paradox

    o   Waroth

    §  What really Matters?

    o   Wanderer D

    §  The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments

    o   WarPonyAssassin

    §  I Thought It Would Be Better

    o   Warren Hutch

    §  Author Insert

    §  Book of Days

    §  Daring Do and the Pyre of Peril

    §  Daydreams and Nightmares

    §  Earth & Sky

    §  Marezinger Z

    §  Movie Magic

    §  Out Of The Nest

    §  Screwball Mio Amore

    §  The Turning of the Screwball – The Strange Case of Button Stitch

    §  The White Mare

    §  Windfall

    o   Will P. Sherman

    §  Pillow thoughts

    o   WinterTwister

    §  Blue Skies

    §  Purple Skies

    §  Winter Skies

    o   Yukigo Kurosaki

    §  The Dark Side of the Rainboom

    o   Zaptiftun

    §  A Night (to Try) to Remember

    o   ZaydenLennox

    §  FlutterDash - Unexpected Tragedies

    o   Zontan

    §  All Things in Time


    I haven't read Cupcakes, or anything in that vein at all.

    That's quite the list ^^

    Was just saying, usually when people talk about fanfics on here (or elsewhere), they always mention / talk about gorefics more then fun stuff like shipping.

  2. Welcome to the forums @Alphabet Soup!

    Hope you enjoy your time here~

    Trying to be more active in the fandom is definitely my goal too atm, especially since I kinda ditched bronies from 2014 up until 2019

    (okay...maybe not ditch, but I got too distracted by friends and other stuff to care about it for years, and I DID kinda find bronies spamming everywhere annoying for a while)

  3. Welcome to the forums @Beethoven__!

    Hope you enjoy your time here~

    I dont really know if I agree to the whole "the fandom got worse after 2012 - 2013 argument" (even if I was barely a brony up until recently), but yeah, the old days were the best~

  4. On 1/5/2020 at 10:39 PM, flutterJackdash said:

    I have all the Friends Forever Omnibii, and the first 4 Magic is Magic Omnibii. I haven't had trouble seeing corner-of-the-panel details, but they are smaller print by far and I never understood that. So, the larger print is a definite plus, but I'm happy to have more content in a single volume that I can carry around.


    My collection, so far. It's mixed with other stuff though.


    very nice~ ;)

  5. On 1/2/2020 at 3:07 PM, Astral Unity said:

    @fare67t I just feel that anyone should read the contents of a book before judging it by the cover, people (and ponies) can be a lot more open-minded if they start to use this mindset. Also, thank you and happy new years, this site has been a lot of fun so far. :)

    No problem~ ;)

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  6. (excuse me for picking possibly weird / hipster ones, I suck at deciding on just one thing)

    S1 - Winter Wrap Up

    S2 - A Canterlot Wedding (mainly part 2)

    S3 - Sleepless in Ponyville OR Magical Mystery Cure

    S4 - Twilight's Kingdom

    S5 - Slice of Life B)

    S5 ACTUALLY - The Mane Attraction OR The Cutie Re-Mark

    S6 - The Times They Are A Changeling OR To Where and Back Again

    S7 - A Royal Problem

    S8 - Sounds of Silence (as much as I wanted to put Mean Six because it has Chryssy in it...too cringe at times)

    S9 - Frenemies OR A Trivial Pursuit

    Common theme: If it has Chrysalis in it, it gets a thumbs up from me x3

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  7. On 12/28/2019 at 4:26 PM, Astral Unity said:

    Considering that the end of MLP:FIM showed us that Twilight eventually grew up to be an adult alicorn, do you think it ever got boring in Ponyville given the fact that there were never anymore dangerous incidents occurring? Then again, someponies were probably greatly relieved.


    16 hours ago, Will Guide said:

    We don't know what happened in between the time skip. They could have had many new adventures and excitement. Just because we don't see their whole lives doesn't mean they lead uninteresting lives

    I mean, Season 10 is coming in Comic Book form, so we're about to find out what happened =P

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  8. I'm more pissed off at them also trying to say dinosaurs that were rather fast, large, etc

    Aren't, like them trying to say the T-rex couldn't sprint like in the movies, but instead just kinda slowly power walked.

    If anyone, I'm annoyed more at the believers of the "feather dino" theories, criticizing you and throwing around names / slurs because you dare defy science or some shiz.

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