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  1. I know what other ponies would like to
  2. Wow, I am getting targeted. :mustache:

    At least with all these pies, cake, hearts and hugs I won't starve of food or... love.

  3. Exactly, you are not doing a favor to yourself by judging the episodes for being part of the final season instead for judging them for themselves.
  4. I just take the episodes for what they are, and not for high expectations. To me, they are pretty much all of high quality, so i enjoy them.
  5. Welcome to these very forums! Enjoy your ride to the fun station and have a good time! I am pretty sure if there is one things ponies are good at, it is making friends.
  6. I seriously wonder when I will loose my current job.
  7. Welcome to these very forums! Sit down and enjoy your mug of cider. You surely came around much. How comes?
  8. Confirmed that my windows 10 autoinstaller works with UEFI systems, edited a windows installation image, removed a lot of useless windows apps and documented it well.