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  1. Bas

    Hi! New here, looking for some friends!

    Welcome to the herd. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your stay.
  2. That's three princesses and Flufflepuff's gurlfiend!
  3. The Battle of the Two Sisters.
  4. As our (only) coach I can unfortunately state we need had a chance. But for that we did graetly! Good job everypony!
  5. Bas

    Fan Comic Masterthread

    From nesdoesart: When you are a child and read something about yourself. From Beavernator some again: Exactly. Moms are embarrassing. Ponies of us with children probably can relate to this. Or this one. ² aaaand v3: A nightmare just has begun.
  6. "You are...A PONY?" "You are...A PRINCESS???" ... .... ... "I know, riiiight?" A tough competition, but can you say no to such a royalty? Colgate bonus Do you want to have her as an enemy? She does have a sexy side, though. And this:
  7. Bas

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Apart from the forums being down, it is hard to imagine @Ganondorf8 not posting Sunset Shimmer pics for 12hours. "Easy, bro" by iamafeatureguitarhero Peace. by Raccoon-kun'17 Catset Shimmer. by 0ndshok
  8. Bas

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    "Can I be your waifu, please?" PONY MAAADNESSSS PURRR? How else would you describe this picture? Attractive withouth being lewd. DA shira-hedgie
  9. Bas

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Flutterproud. We can fix this! What do you mean by "NO ANIMALS ALLOWED IN HERE"? Flutterdash. Not that she needs any dress in order to truly shine. Adorable or sad?
  10. Bas

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    Excited Trixie. Can anypony say no to such a request?
  11. Bas

    Celestia Fan Club

    Gems raining? by omniscientduck A beautiful morning. by dreatos : yay : da kpshadowsquirrel Not much to say about this one, I suppose. DA evilarticfox An eternal fighter. da mithandir General Celestia? DA vipeydashie
  12. Bas

    Fan Comic Masterthread

    Let's add some from the greatcat14: Sonata's counterpart to pinkemenia: (slightly semi grim-dark) Unexpected love and admiration? x-over with SU, a new threat to earth. Some pupils can surely relate to this.
  13. Bas

    Post your OC!

    Basically my avatar with BG. by DA stuffymadart
  14. Bas

    i have a idea

    Then the best bet might be for more regional, but not local or national, meetup topics there. Don't know if there are any.