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  1. I do have some issues of mine, but I am quite fine. Aside of that, I have an appointment with my therapist in 1.5 hours anyways. I do appreciate your concerns and offers, though!
  2. Flutters is so happy you are here!
  3. Bas

    Boo, I'm back

    Welcome to the herd! How long can you take it?
  4. Hey Bas, don't worry about the donation thing. Got you covered. :mlp_please:

  5. Bas

    Any Melbourne pones?

    MLPF users in Melbourne (Member search) Also there seem to be very few active ones. Last one, @WestJ is also PV staff member, but he checked forums half a year last.
  6. Meh, I didn't donate yet. Apart from being indecisive and lazy and forgettable and forgettable I am not sure if and how much I could donate and whether to BCCH or something more local or regional to me in Germany.
  7. Bas

    Adopt a User

    Adopted by a baby.
  8. @BornAgainBrony Brave, brave! Where there any bypassers in that park, lol?
  9. Bas

    Technology iOS or Android

    Linux is bad? :p Also, are you sure there isn't any other way to run Win 10 than by paying monthly?
  10. I don't dislike everything there, such as more complex and hopefully episode-spanning storylines, but the article is 5 years old, with no new updates, so I am convinced anything (or at least everything) is still true now.
  11. Bas

    Are you a fan of bananas?

    I eat them, and I think they are great in ice cream or pudding, but I switched over to pears mostly.
  12. Yup. Certainly a very impactful moment.
  13. Bas

    What makes a pony attractive?

    More in a "likable" way, as how I find ponies cute or sympathetic, here are some attributes; - Probably shyness - Big eyes - Smiling/happiness - hugz - Positive Life config
  14. Bas

    Anyone get judged about MLP?

    My mom doesn't understand it, my farther has no clue what it is about, my young bro (~23?) watched till s6 recently, my oldest brother tries to make fun of me for watching "children or girl shows" (incl. Powerpuff Girls recently), but I simply don't care much about that. I wlil not let others dictate what I should or should not like to do in my free time as long as I am harming no one.