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  1. Hey I have this animal crossing game two things if u don't mind number 1 is Isabelle in it and number 2 how do u make a tool with inf durability if possible please and thank u
  2. This show is gonna be wack I mean mlp friendship is magic looks and feels way more awesome this pony life crap is like teen titans go man they also ruiend teen titans for me by making teen titans go so everypony tell me what y'all think about pony life I would love to hear yall

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    2. Rainbowdash69


      I mean I loved mlp friendship is magic and now this crap I mean come on lauren Faust please don't be like this and ruin a good thing

    3. Rainbowdash69


      And rainbow dash is my favorite pony and she turned her into this version 

    4. Koncova


      I don’t know to much but all I can say is I hope it just doesn’t flop

  3. New take on mlp is it good or is it a cop out the new mlp pony life




  4. * I leave a balloon * :balloon:

  5. It means you like to dress up in a fur suit for a convention Like an anthromorphic animal suit and cosplay as an animal foxes dogs cats anything animal related foxes are really common so are dogs
  6. Cute I can dig this cute side of her

    dbsx0mk-9c34c285-8184-436b-9c22-42ef1f8a27f9 (1).png

    1. Anti-Villain
    2. Rainbowdash69


      It's ironic how ponies on the show can make and eat human foods and not get sick like an actual pony or horse like pinkie pie loves to make sweets like cupcakes and rock candy and she is fine

  7. It's fizzle pop berry twist everypony


    1. Rainbowdash69


      Such a baddass

    2. InfernalEnergy


      So that's what her cutie mark looks like! :o

  8. I hope so cuse I love her charecter and she deserves a lot of love given her cruel past Wouldn't it be cool if she were to be a teacher at twilights school of friendship being that the show has already ended at season 9 it's tough to say
  9. So does any pony know what fizzle pop berry twist has going for her in pony life the show cuse idk if she will make an appearance or not I loved her charecter in the movie even though she was being used by the storm king until the very end I think that tempest was a baddass antihero even though she was being manipulated but grubber was a cool comedic charecter too let me know what y'all think
  10. I'm gonna buy it on Nintendo switch on payday it's gonna be awesome I hope they have a lot of charecters to play as
  11. Does any pony know the game Them's fightin heards supposidly lauren Faust created that game based on mlp It's a fighting game based on the art style of mlp
  12. Hey does anypony know the new show that lauren Faust is making based on mlp I want to see it but I don't know the name also has anypony heard of the game called thems fighting herds it's a fighting game based on mlp if anypony knows anything about the new show let me know ok peace everypony

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    2. Rainbowdash69


      This is the new show called pony life it looks a lot like teen titans go


    3. TotallyNotNyx


      Yeah I don;t really look forward to it. I might never watch it.

    4. Rainbowdash69


      I know I wish mlp friendship is magic was still going I mean 9 seasons is a lot but 20 something episodes per season is a lot for the voice actors to voice but teen titans go is trash and I wish that they still had teen titans regular still airing

  13. Just to be clarifying: I am in no way mad at you. ;)

    1. Rainbowdash69


      I understand I love anime so I saw your pic and I knew it was one punch man

    2. You


      It is not that I wouldn't agree with liking One Punch Man, but it wasn't quite on topic of the SU. ;)

  14. So everypony how are y'all im great just got off of work to discuss fizzle pop berry twist so was she a great antihero or what I liked her even though the storm king was just using her for his own gain but I digress she was just too tuff and ruff around the edges I mean that scar on her eye wasn't just put there for show I mean as a Philly she was not scared of going in that cave to get the ball out to play with those other Phillies