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  1. NorthFace

    I can draw !

    BLANK new
  2. Look by the windows, go to the living room and turn tv on at the Weather channel, no rain today. Walking outside and look ppl getting crazy about that and turn back in home...
  3. NorthFace

    Queen's Horn (Queen Chrysalis fan art)

    I like the effect you gave with the Green color ! Well done
  4. NorthFace

    I can draw !

    Thank you, i am using AutoDesk Sketchbook pro 2011 and testing also the new version Pro6, yea in one month that is a very good improvement, i take my inspiration from different artist like johnjoseco
  5. NorthFace

    I can draw !

    Here we go, Since August iv been practicing to draw again then a friend of mine told me " Why you don't get yourself a graphic tablet to drawing .." So i did and at the beginning i can tell its was a shame, so i din't give up and continue to believe i can do something good. There is some example of my Day 1 and going to my OC creation Whisley Also available on my DevianArt page You can also following me on Tumblr
  6. NorthFace


    you're my very *hips* best friends.... yea i *hips* did just posted something whileee drinking a few little to much of this delicious cider
  7. NorthFace

    Post Your Collection

    Just got my first collection !
  8. First clean all dept and go see my boss and say "There is my last time u see me" , take one million for my self for hardcore party and other stuff i dont really need. Buy the house i want for 1 million, pay back my parents for all the money they spend on me while i was kid. Give 1 million to an donation. put 5 million into save account for later and use the interest for living.
  9. NorthFace

    General Canadian Bronies Unite!

    From Montreal Quebec !
  10. NorthFace

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    m openmind, so just ask !
  11. NorthFace

    Mega Thread What are you doing at this very moment?

    Streaming on chatroulette and drinking cider !
  12. NorthFace

    Hot Dogs

    i love them but prefert much Beef Hot dog !
  13. NorthFace

    How often do you shave?

    Shave every two days !