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  1. Well, I thought coming back here was a fun idea, turns out I was wrong, goodbye and whatever

  2. I wonder what's the point of others visiting profiles like mines if they don't have nothing to say or do at all

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    2. Geek0zoid
    3. ~Silver Essence~

      ~Silver Essence~

      I rarely trust anyone, even friends contrary to popular belief

    4. Geek0zoid


      Sheesh, dude. I don't think that's too good.

  3. After much cleaning, I deleted all my blogs, looking back, they're ridiculous and mediocre

  4. With a promised job being nothing than a janitorial one, I hope the next job is a better and respectable one

  5. So that's why I couldn't see private or birthday messages since then, I had to change the settings, whatever, like it matters

  6. No Most of the times if I like something, my family members won't enjoy it, so I'm always alone when it comes to my preferences, but I got used to it I guess
  7. Meme run on the Wii U I saw an old friend have it, I played it, I regret it, and now I question how did it make it to the e shop in the first place
  8. Three days, once that is Usually I sleep until 1 or 2 AM to meet some friends I can see at that time due to time zones, I do it every now and then, only to find out I'm late most of the times, though sometimes it's due to some slight insomnia
  9. I finally had a good sleep, I feel more lively and wanting to be slightly social this way

    1. Geek0zoid


      Welcome back to the world, friend.

    2. InactiveCake