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  1. Let's say you owned a castle, from equestria, your the newly announced ruler next to twilight and celestia for the citizens of equestria. Usually in movies, shows, games, or anything for that matter, they will have a song playing that will fit the theme of the castle and owner itself. My question is what song will you ask to be playing in yur castle? Based on my ambiance, attitude, and mature demeanor, it seems this ambiant, unique, and atmospheric soundtrack fits the best for my own castle. http://youtu.be/O2LyrGcYx3s
  2. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    5 I guess
  3. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

  4. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

  5. ~Silver Essence~

    Do you have any family members who are bronies?

    No Most of the times if I like something, my family members won't enjoy it, so I'm always alone when it comes to my preferences, but I got used to it I guess
  6. Meme run on the Wii U I saw an old friend have it, I played it, I regret it, and now I question how did it make it to the e shop in the first place
  7. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

  8. ~Silver Essence~

    How late can you stay up till?

    Three days, once that is Usually I sleep until 1 or 2 AM to meet some friends I can see at that time due to time zones, I do it every now and then, only to find out I'm late most of the times, though sometimes it's due to some slight insomnia
  9. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10 I guess
  10. ~Silver Essence~

    What's your self esteem like? Has it changed?

    My self esteem is an absolute neutral state I'm only at my best if I believe I can win or do something about it, if not, then I tend to give it all I got if I know it's hopeless It can also affect my views towards everyone, depending on the hopes and friendships I make So no, as long as I can remember, I haven't changed since
  11. ~Silver Essence~

    How many girls are on here?

    Just to make sure, this is also another proper explanation, like I said, it's about having fun and enjoying your time here, girls are no different from boys, we're all here for the same purpose, and everyone's experience is for a good and friendly intention
  12. ~Silver Essence~

    How many girls are on here?

    The majority of the forum and fanbase are boys, some girls, but not as much as them Girl or not, that shouldn't bother your take on who to talk to regardless of the lacking gender, unless there's a specific reason why you want more girls here
  13. ~Silver Essence~

    Visual Art My Drawing Of Raven (Teen Titan :) )

    20 minutes to the sketch, and I say it's a pretty good job I do like the adorable drawing of raven, so well done
  14. ~Silver Essence~

    Has anyone in your family served in the military?

    My cousin had fully gave up on high school and work to pursue to join the army He was beyond dedicated, as I've never seen him this serious to participate, as he got better and earned more strength each time I see him Unfortunately, because he doesn't have his legal documentation, they dropped him off of training because of legal course action, and so far, he's hoping to get his files done to go right back in
  15. ~Silver Essence~

    Female changelings?

    I assume it's through OC, or maybe they function like a bee colony, where it's queen chrysalis who functions as the mother to birth and entire army of male changelings Or it could be possible that there are, maybe they function differently
  16. ~Silver Essence~

    Post your unpopular opinions

    I honestly believe thieves and robbers are the biggest cowards of society, instead of taking action like a true man, they resort to steal with guns, weaponry, and words School shootings are always important, just because it happened frequently doesn't make it "another casual incident" Movies like "The Interview" shows the world just how cruel and culturally insensitive Americans can be if that's for entertainment and without safe consent to those they are ridiculing
  17. ~Silver Essence~

    Can you eat with chopsticks?

    Partly I do moderately well before managing to slip up as they do require some skill to properly use I mainly use them for sticky type food like orange chicken
  18. ~Silver Essence~

    Web Thoughts on ReviewTechUSA?

    A big tech/discussion opinionated type of guy who I do appreciate seeing his words of advice and wisdom towards the good and bad in gaming and others I also give him recognition for being consistent with his uploads, and giving the proper respect to most others even if they have been doing horribly lately like Playstation
  19. ~Silver Essence~

    Movies/TV What anime are you currently watching?

    Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-kun 4/12 episodes in A simple yet faily written and charmingly executed anime about a romantic comedy, I'm not into stuff like this, but this has been one lovely exception
  20. ~Silver Essence~

    What milk do you put in your cereal?

    Regular Milk I have tried strawberry milk before, it's very nutritious, though I'll go with the regular calcium enriched drink anyday
  21. ~Silver Essence~

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    So I've been here for a month and barely made progress, due to work and maybe I just don't have the same touch I had before to have fun here, but regardless at least I met some old friends I will pick up Mario Kart 8 today, it'll be fun and I also plan to buy some good speakers for my TV for the better sound experience
  22. ~Silver Essence~

    Top 5 things that drivers do that you hate.

    1. Drunk driving 2. Texting while driving 3. Speeding past the concern for the safety of others 4. Drivers who cut pass but yet slow down afterwards 5. Road rage folks who can't be reasoned with due to their fault
  23. ~Silver Essence~

    Gaming Most difficult game you've played?

    I plan to buy and play Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, looks awesome, but it's also considered one of the most brutally difficult games out there, the Persona series was never considered the hardest despite the moments, so I can see why most would think that Also, the night queen, Nyx, is acactually not that difficult, if you could, oh I don't know, have the ability to control your team members or actually defend, then this boss would be challenging yet fair, but since it isn't? Well.. yeah
  24. ~Silver Essence~

    How fast can you type?

    120WPM- English 77WPM - Spanish I do admit I'm fast at many things, so typing comes very naturally, though I slow down in Spanish due to some exact spelling or certain characters like the "ñ"
  25. ~Silver Essence~

    Post your unpopular opinions

    In the internet side of 2014, gamergate was the worst thing to happen this year Anita Sarkeesian's instant thoughts on Bayonetta 2 being nothing but male fan service and female discrimination was the idiotic idea of 2014 I don't trust craigslist for buying or selling, as my family and the news has shown me why it's very risky and dangerous to do so Despite my great appreciation and thoughts on my favorite characters like rarity or sayaka miki, I don't classify them as my waifus, I become a big fan of how adorable and great they are at best