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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I havent, and i kinda wanna see one :l Whats your most loved possesion?
  3. A video i uploaded just reached 91 visits, nice i guess lol
  4. Granted, but that person will be tortured and you will only hear their pain I wish i was able to stop death
  5. My steam is Takitos de posho, and ill make use of this post to advertise that im selling a Dr Dapper Topper for 2.11 lol
  6. I've come to destroy this castle

    1. Chara


      "Blows up nuke in Canterlot" Oops my bad (totally a discord comment right there!)

  7. It's so sad that castlevania HD is sooo lonely now, I miss those days when it was full of people T-T

  8. That rare games compilation!! must have!!

  9. Yell "this flight is gonna be on fire"
  10. So ive been listening to some tohou music. it brings me a strange happiness 0-0

  11. i admit im a fat hog, i really need a big hot dog