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  1. Castle_Cross

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I havent, and i kinda wanna see one :l Whats your most loved possesion?
  2. Castle_Cross

    (Happiness Thread)What made you happy today?

    A video i uploaded just reached 91 visits, nice i guess lol
  3. Castle_Cross

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, but that person will be tortured and you will only hear their pain I wish i was able to stop death
  4. My steam is Takitos de posho, and ill make use of this post to advertise that im selling a Dr Dapper Topper for 2.11 lol
  5. Maybe a small one on the arm, like dashie's CM, or Luna's CM
  6. Castle_Cross

    15 Things Not To Do In An Airport

    Yell "this flight is gonna be on fire"
  7. Castle_Cross

    I just realized something

    SoSo, EqG Lyra is a brony, and pony Lyra is a brouman? ¿A huther? I'm confused
  8. I did a little comparison between the soundtrack we hear in the trailer and treasure trove cove, from the first Banjo kazooie, just sharing it here, (even the logos are the same!)
  9. Castle_Cross

    Type your username backwards!

    Sorcc-Yaj, it sounds like an alien name :v
  10. Castle_Cross

    At what age did you first learn about sex?

    I was 9, one day, i was playing with my friends, but i got tired so i just sit in the stairs of the apartment of my friend (we where playing in the street), when i saw that there was a little downstair, i found a porn comic, i started reading it, and my mind was transformed, i remember being a bit depressed about it, i felt changed and i didnt liked it, i couldnt take the images out of my head
  11. I love FNAF, but still, it shouldn't have a tv series, heck, neither a movie!
  12. Invader zim, invader zim, invader zim, invasor zim, INVADER ZIM!! That show was just awesome! i miss it so much T-T
  13. I'd like to see sonata reformed, ONLY her, she's to cute to be evil :3
  14. Castle_Cross

    (canon) pony sketches!

    Super cool! keep it up with the good work :3
  15. Castle_Cross

    Where were you when 9/11 happened?

    I was 1, so probably i was being feed or something :v