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  1. -I tapped my chin for a few moments as I considered his offer. I mean... I was already here so I suppose taking some time to check the place out may be alright. Dunno how people are gonna take to me being human but... eh, here goes nothing.- "Alright, sure. Show me what this place has to offer and uhh... Yea, I wont say anything, so don't worry." @@Blitz Boom,
  2. @@Blitz Boom, [Alexis] -Fair enough I suppose. I was not sure if I could have gotten him back to his world but I am not totally sure. In any case... he has no interest in heading back so, I wont press this further. I take another sip of my drink and let out a quiet hum as I think about his question.- "Well.... I am currently in between schools so I have a lot of time, especially when my daughter is at school. So yea.... Kinda interesting to check out different worlds. As for dangerous situations well..." -I chuckle dryly.- "....I have been in more then you could ever imagine so... Kinda used to it by now."
  3. @@Blitz Boom, -I listen on once again, taking a sip of my cider and listening to what he has to say. I spent a lot of my initial time looking around this forest and getting a feel for my surroundings. Now however, he has my full and undivided attention as my gaze does not leave him. I let out a quiet hum in thought before responding.- "Well, when you have seen the shit I have seen... this is rather tame, honestly. As for the world... well... Where I am from, it's not all humans, we do also have monsters and other beings... thoooooough most of those other beings seemed to have just came from other worlds." -I scratch my head.- "It can be quite a mess where I am from. Though I must admit, not seeing another human for a while would get to me... mostly since that would mean not seeing my friends and family. But its not like I am stuck here and.... Well..." -I rub my chin.- "....I don't know if you have any desire to return to your own world?"
  4. @@Blitz Boom, [Alexis] "..." -Well then, this is certainly a thing that is happening. I was unsure of what he meant at first but he soon spilled the beans... after performing quite the transformation in front of me. So uhh.... this interesting... hm. I dunno if he was expecting a face of shock but that's not what he is getting. Instead, he would find the expression of someone who is very perplexed. My head is tilted and an eyebrow is raised. After scanning him with my eyes and taking some time to parse what he had said, I un-tilt my head and cross my arms.- "Hm...." -I try to think about what I want to say, though my train of thought comes to a pause when I am offered the cider from before. I take the bottle and utter a thanks before creating a cup with my barriers. It is visible, but very transparent. I pour the bottle into the glass and take a sip. Perhaps I should be more careful about drinking random stuff but... Even anything was poisonous, it shouldn't kill me... though it wouldn't leave me in the best condition. Anyway... I glance back to him after taking a sip.` "Well um... I'm sorry I am not from where you hoped I would be. But yea... we have a lot of magic where I am from." -Sip- "But even if I am not from the same world as you... I am still a human, and this land is foreign to me so... there is at least that."
  5. @@Blitz Boom [Alexis] -I continue to watch his expression which, as before, seems a bit like he is over reacting; then again, this is from the perspective of someone who is from a place where this sort of stuff is just normal. Traveling worlds, hell the idea of multiple worlds at all; it all comes into play quite a bit where I am from. I notice as the cart comes into view and he quickly heads over to it; I keep my normal pace and tuck my hands into my coat pockets and lean against a nearby tree once I do get there. I watch as he pulls out some drinks, taking a swig of one of them. As for the smells well... I am not a normal human; I am mostly human and nothing would give away that I am not, at least not at the moment, perhaps this will be revealed soon? Who knows? Point is... My senses are pretty good, better than most humans but not super human or anything like that. Anyway... I sniff a few times when I notice the smell and let out a quiet and quick hum. My focus is now on Happy again where I let out a quiet chuckle after hearing what he has to say.- "Nah, nah, I don't think many other humans will be coming here anytime soon... Uuunnnlesss another version of me or something shows up." -I scratch my head... To be honest, anyone with the same capabilities as I do can easily get here... but they'd also need to know that this world exists.- "...I more or less just ended up here on accident. My boyfriend is a scientist and he, has a machine that allows a portal to be opened to any world, the only caveat being that I need to keep this device on me otherwise uhh... not good things can happen... including me being stuck here. But yea, I just sort of like to check out different worlds and timelines. Not exactly the safest thing in the world but... eh..." -Not to mention that he can't be all that happy with me just peaceing the frick out at random to different worlds. A small smile is now present on my face as I talk to him.- "Annnyway.... My name is Alexis... Did I mention my name before?" -I grin sheepishly, scratching the back of my head.- "I uhh... may have short term memory issues." -Not like an actual condition or anything, I'm just stupid. I got back to a more neutral expression, but still smiling somewhat.- "But uhh... nice to meet you Happy Hour. To answer your question, we indeed do have magic where I am from." -I hold a small flame in my hand to sort of show this off.- "Not many humans know magic where I am from though." -I dissipate the flame and tuck my hands into my coat pockets again.- "Uhh... as for drinks? Apple cider is fine, alcohol does not really sit well with me."
  6. -Fairy tales? To be hones,t I was about ready to say the same about him. Then again... the world I live in has magic and monsters so... yea. Anyway, he wants me to follow him huh? I raise an eyebrow at first before shrugging a bit. I am not really sure what is the worst that could happen. I don't anticipate this guy trying to start any BS with me.- "Uhh.... sure... why not...?" -So off we go then I would assume. My hands were about ready to go back to my coat pockets but I keep them out due to his question. I hold my arm again and glance at the device before looking back to him.- "Oh this? This allows me to return to my world..." -Which means I'll do everything whiten my power to keep this safe...-
  7. @@Blitz Boom (Alexis) -I raise an eyebrow as I watch him attempt to speak words. His limited success elicits a quiet chuckle as I wait patiently for him to gather his thoughts. My hands stay tucked in my coat pockets for the time being, my fingers fumbling some coins and a couple other things. I listen on as he is now able to like... speak. As expected... yea, he is quite surprised to see a human around here. My expression stays rather neutral while he explains what's up; it's almost as if I am not shocked to hear what he is saying... and that's because I am not. I realize that I may be in a somewhat delicate situation, so I take a few moments to parse what he has said to me and think of an appropriate response.- "Ah, not used to seeing a human huh? Well, it goes without saying that I am not from here..." -I hold up my arm with the device on the wrist. What does this device do? Well... Perhaps he will ask... perhaps he wont... who knows...?-
  8. @@Blitz Boom, (Alexis) -Well... it appears I did not really get too far in my exploration in this forest which, by the way, is very fascinating. There is something about this place that is very familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. My train of thought comes to a halt though as I am greeted by someone... well sort of. Is it a human? No! Is it a monster? No... at least... I don't think? No no... after just a second or two of observation, I know exactly what is in front of me (well... I don't know that they are a changeling...). There are a lot of places I thought I'd end up but boy this is not one of them. Never the less, I have seen far stranger things than this. Upon my gaze meeting Happy Hour, I bring my right hand up to move my headphones, which I totally did not forget to mention in my last post, from my head to being around my neck, the music now stopped. I take some time to parse this whole situation, the words they are saying being added to that. Sunbutt? What kind of expleti- oh right... of course. *Ehem*... I suppose I could understand why they would be as shocked as they are, I imagine that humans are not common around here. I have several questions myself, but most of them will be kept in my noggin as I am not trying to cause an extensional crises... Well.. I may have already failed here. I suppose this is the part where I should speak some words. The hand that was used to move my headphones gives a single wave before retreating back into my coat pocket; I follow up by uttering a... - "....Sup? You alright there?" -...In a vaguely concerned tone. My head is cocked to one side a bit as I await his response.-
  9. @@Blitz Boom, -Good grief... So this is a thing that is happening. I sure hope that changeling does not get too used to the peace and quiet because a stupid human is about to ruin that. That stupid human being myself, Alexis. Perhaps near the changeling or perhaps a distance away... I come tumbling through a portal. You know... I need to stop doing that, I was shown how to use it properly all this time and I still mess up. Anyway... The portal opens and closes quickly, and I am just sort of laying on the floor of this forest. I stand up and dust myself before glancing over to my wrist; thankfully the device was not damaged or I would have been stuck here. Now then... Where in the hell am I? I pull out my phone and take a quick gander only for it to return no results. That can't be good... All well, might as well start walking around. I tuck my hands in my coat pockets and proceed forward.. or backward... to be honest, I am not sure where I am going. Am I going deeper in the forest? Perhaps.... Are there violent animals in this forest? Maybe...-
  10. Character is here And she can enter via a portal she has access too from her home... She'd just appear... somewhere...
  11. So like... what if a human just showed up in this RP? I can see how anyone would not be a fan of that.. But I sort of want to see how my character would react to all this...
  12. I'm going, gonna be roomin with Arty, Chigens, and Nas I plan to arrive Wednesday afternoon, so I am open for anything.
  13. I have it set so it updates when I want it to. I'd use linux, but I am too much of a gamer for that to work