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  1. What's wrong with it is that little girls still watch this show, and little girls shouldn't get it into their heads that they need to have a boyfriend to be like Twilight or any of the other mane 6 that would have boyfriends. You should consider that little girls are impressionable and that many absolutely love ponies. Personally I wouldn't like Twilight having a boyfriend, mostly because.. this is a kid's show. There shouldn't be serious romance in it. It would distract from the show's point which is friendship and might put the wrong ideas into the girls' heads. There's no need to be interested in boys at such a young age. It might even make some of the girls uncomfortable; serious romance is grown-up. That doesn't really go hand in hand with ponies. Besides, romance is already played at with Spike's crush on Rarity and such. That's cute, playful, and not serious at all; I think that is the amount/kind of romance that is perfect for the show. If a serious romance was included, it shouldn't be long-term at all. Because when that detracts from all the friendships, and you're wondering "Oooh I wonder what'll happen on Twilight's next date!" instead of "I wonder what awesome adventure the mane 6 will go on next (together)!" well, the point of the show might be going over your head a little. Friendship, anyone? (and sorry, platonic friendship /=/ romantic friendship) Come on, guys. You have to view it from a younger girl's perspective too. The show was made for them to begin with.
  2. I stand corrected. Of course there'll be amazing exceptions in any genre, but I'm generalizing to the more popular things. Which is wrong, I know. And by emo, I mean stuff like Mayday Parade. (>.<) That and I don't really like the singing style very much. (good song though) Anyway, those genres aren't really to my taste so I should have said something like "I don't like rap" rather than "Most rap is awful". You've got a point.
  3. I read 1984 for fun, but I'm sure it would have been a favorite required book. But for actually required books, it probably would be The Lord of the Flies. Brutal message, but damn if it isn't true. Just plain amazing. I wish I read more, but I've got other things to do and for some reason I'm not as into it anymore. Maybe when I'm older..?
  4. Pitchfork sucks so much. I hate it. Practically all party music sucks. Creed is worse than Nickelback, or at least on the same level Emo music isn't that good. Alice in Chains > Soundgarden > Nirvana (though I love them all) Most rap is awful. How people say music was way better years ago. Some of the songs sucked just as bad as the ones on the radio today. You just have to look harder for good songs nowadays. Classical music is pretty underrated I. Hate. Glee. (maybe that's not unpopular, but really I do. They kill practically every song they sing.) Dubstep is baaaaad. I guess that's it
  5. I have pretty weird taste when it comes to these! Well, some are normal but.. Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender Big Mac XD Farkas from Skyrim (I don't even know why I just like the guy) Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist Matsuda from Death Note Izaya from Durarara Fry from Futurama Kenny from South Park Riku from Kingdom Hearts Kevin Levin I think there might be a few more that I'm forgetting, but that's most of it. I might edit later XD
  6. Well, I doubt I've lost it yet, but a lot of my innocence/childhood happiness was lost in middle school, and high school... well, the way I viewed the world when I was younger is basically totally gone. I miss it. :c But I'm still halfway through high school, so I guess I'm technically still a child and it hasn't ended yet. I still like cartoons and "kid" video games among other things, but I don't go to clubs or drink like my other classmates. I think they're more childish than I am, really; they're just trying to grow up faster, which is honestly pretty stupid. To me childhood is something you should cherish as long as possible instead of hurrying to grow up. A quarter of your life or even less, it's seen as "normal" to still act like a child and to do childish things -- and naturally you're more innocent too -- and to just throw that away to go to clubs, drink, have sex, do drugs, and all those stupid things is absolutely ridiculous. I understand the eagerness to.. be in your 20s, but how could they be so eager to just toss their childhood aside?? Of course, I'm not saying all teenagers should watch Winnie the Pooh and wear footie pajamas or whatever. But I'm sure you guys understand what I'm saying. I treasure that I'm still a child, even though I'll still be able to do the things I do now in a few years when I won't be a kid anymore (though it definitely won't be the same). So I'll enjoy it as long as I can until I inevitably lose more of it...
  7. Those are amazing! I love the Doctor Whooves and Derpy one so much XD I like the Pinkie Pie one, too. They're all pretty great.
  8. Poorly drawn? Haha you must have ridiculously high standards XD I think it's pretty cool-looking and creative. I haven't seen many ponies drawn like that.
  9. My interest in the show is kind of on/off, so it's not that big a part of my life, really. Sometimes I'm big on ponies and sometimes I don't really care. So I'm a closet brony. Most of the kids at my school are judgemental jerks. My classmates usually respect me to my face though, and I don't want that to be replaced by disrespect and snide remarks about my "freaky weirdness" for liking ponies. Once one of the girls in my group saw me drawing a pony and she looked kind of freaked out for a moment, so I doubt my friends would take it that well (they're a little bit superficial) or they wouldn't really care. Or they'd find it cute which is almost worse. If my extended family knew, it'd just reinforce their condescending attitude towards me. -.- It's a pain in the ass as it is. I can already see the negative consequences. Plus, I live in Paraguay, and I honestly doubt there are very many bronies here anyway, so there's no point in being open about it
  10. Yeah, but it was mostly my younger brother's fault. I told him about ponies and I wanted someone to talk about them to, and with the help of his brony friend he did watch the show but wasn't as involved as I was. He ended up mentioning some of the characters when my parents were around and he started teasing me about that he told my parents, so I flipped out. I was mortified at the thought that he'd told them (since I don't share my interests much with my parents, and I'm weirdly secretive about a lot of my interests anyway) since they wouldn't know how good the show actually is and would think that we were just into some typical brainless show for little girls. So I approached my mom about it and talked to her about the show and how it was different from other cartoons for little girls. Turns out my brother didn't tell my parents. So basically without wanting to I let her know. >.> Of course, now my dad knows too. Both of them think it's all right, but my dad doesn't get it, or doesn't want to I'm totally fine with it.
  11. "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." -Mark Twain The man's brilliant. Though this is really hard to actually do...
  12. It really depends. When I was younger, I didn't cry very often; maybe three times a year. Back when I was in my awful older high school, I sucked everything up and didn't tell any adults about my constant and really bad indirect bullying problems, and everything snowballed until it came to the point where I cried every day. My parents had no idea. And that was only after a semester, and then I moved out of country. (At least it was a learning experience, I guess?) Luckily now I'm not depressed anymore, and the only times I cry are when I read/watch something very sad or when my brother is so irritating I cry tears of pure annoyance and frustration. So basically, rarely.
  13. I think I would have played WAY more hours of video games if my parents hadn't set limits. But the most were probably Pokemon, Oblivion and Skyrim (I'd probably play Morrowind if I had a gaming PC :c), and Minecraft. And some Valve games, like Portal. Once I was playing Earthbound on my laptop for at least 3 hours a day, going slow and steady, and then -- I don't remember why -- all my saves were deleted. I didn't want to go through EVERYTHING again so I just stopped... All that dedication down the drain. I didn't even get the fourth character on my team. WHAT DID I DO ALL THAT FOR?? At least I had fun while I was playing, I guess, but I think that if I had known it would have just ended like that I wouldn't have dedicated so much time to it... And reading the plot on some website or watching someone else finish the game is just not the same. Damn. Then again, games are for fun, so.. eh I guess? T~T why meeee
  14. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Yeah, I thought they wouldn't be very noticeable; it's all right though. Lugia, I'd never thought of that, it seems like a pretty great idea and I'll definitely try it sometime! And I agree with Yukino on that it might be a good way to tell my friends I'm a brony, or maybe if they were bronies themselves they might notice. It was hard making the Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash bracelets recognizable since I use a thinner kind of thread so the colors were all over the place for RD's and Fluttershy's colors are really, really light so they're hard to see too.
  15. Hi guys, I made these simple little friendship bracelets a while back based off of the mane 6. I sort of like the subtlety of these -- people won't notice they're based off of ponies, so I won't get bothered about that -- but that's a problem at the same time. Especially compared to a shirt/hoodie/whatever, they may be unnoticeable... or easily ignored by people who don't care much for accessories like this. It may be hard to tell from a distance, too. :/ What do you guys think? Would you notice if someone was wearing these?