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  1. Happy birthday Crystal Heart!

  2. Well, No One Knew My Name So I'm PAIGE! xD

  3. I Haven't Remember The Pony Dreams Actually. And This One Is My Dream: I'm Rainbow Dash. Walking In Ponyville Street. Dream Is Over. I Don't Know Why. :DDD
  4. Thank You For Welcoming Me There, And I Love Art And I Like To Roleplay. I Have An OC Pony Anyway, Everyone Can See Her On My Avatar, And Name Is Blossom Dash. I Also Like Rainbow Dash And Do You Know Guys How To Outta From Blank Flanks? I Really Want Have Some One Like.... Fluttershy Cutie Mark, But Writed Butterfly Like Yours Street Comedy
  5. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: Oh, I Just Find Awesome Pic And It Showed Me This Amazing Page Too. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I Just Watched An First Episode... And It Was Awesome! They'r Very Colorful. Um Heya! I'm Blossom Dash Imma Pony. In July I Become 18. I'm From Las Pegasus, Now I Living In Cloudsale. My Favorite Color Is Blue And Red, My Eye Color Is Green, I Have Blue Mane And Tail. My Coat Is Blue Too. Me And Rainbow Dash My Cousin Hanging Out, In Ponyville To Race Who's Faster, She Always i Win, I Being To Close.... I Like Music, i Just Finished Last Day In Music School, Now I Will Go To University With My Best Friend Roxy Twilight She Don't Have This MLP Forum, But She's Very Good Friend.
  6. Um It Would Be Applejack With Rainbow Dash Or Rarity With Fluttershy.... I Can't Choose..... Maybe Fluttershy With Rainbow Dash Lawl.
  7. The Worst Ones Is: Ben 10, Johnny Test And Worstest Is Disney