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  1. Get reading glasses, or card game playing glasses.
  2. I play this competitively but cant find anywhere to play it. The last time i did was at BabsCon like a year ago...
  3. I play this competitively but cant find anywhere that i can play in tournaments other then at big cons or regionals so i was hoping if i could find anywhere that played it in California. I know non bronies that play it because they say it is such a fun and complicated game that it is as fun as games like magic or yugioh.
  4. I see 33 ponies hear who like Hot chocolate. including me. this must be a very popular beverage.
  5. MTG cards sometimes have flavor text on them this was one of my favorites. "We'll scale these cliffs, traverse Brittle Bridge, and then fight our way down the volcanic slopes on the other side." "Isn't the shortest route through the canyon?" "Yes." "So shouldn't we—" "No."
  6. Thanks for all the help I did forget to mention that I was running one solder of the pantheon, but more as a side board for heavy multicolored players. I own 4. I will put into concentration making changes to my deck.
  7. I wanted Derpy But that was taken so i put *s one it.
  8. Best of pinkie pie Season 4. She is not stupider.
  9. BronyCon and all the many conventions. Also the handmade plushies.
  10. Board game: carcassonne. Computer game: Starbound, and Hearthstone. 3DS: Pokemon Y.
  11. "You cant stop what hasn't started." Garfield
  12. What do you think about this deck? What Improvements would you make? I hope to make this a very good tournament Ready deck and would like as much advice as possible.Thank you! 1 Karametra 3 Kalonian Hydra 2 Nylea 4 Advent of the wurm 4 Unflinching courage 4 loxodon smiter 4 Selesnya Charm 2 voice of resurgence (want 4) 4 Fleecemane Lion 4 Experiment One 4 Elvish mystic 1 nykthos 2 Temple Garden (want 4) 4 Selesnya Guildgate 9 Forest 7 Plains Need the Temples
  13. Thanks for adding me, friend! :)