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    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Thirsty, very thirsty.
  2. I am too, why are people kissing
  3. Ok, that happened, I feel indifferent
  4. I would want to meet SkyStorm in real life, she been an amazing friend
  5. Solace

    LGBT Support Thread

    Nice to meet you !!! I am currently learning algebra xD, And i also love science, but I'm fascinated by computer sciences ( I'm planning to take the course early through summer school next year in high school) i also really like chemistry and physics( but I have know idea about them xD)
  6. "Now that were all acquainted and re-acquainted, lets get to the party" he said, happily trotting towards the party, the music playing in the distance putting a spring in his step as he trotted with them closer in the party, he found it became more extravagant, fit for a pony like Lightning bliss. As they walked, Lightning admired the beautiful party, with the elegant designs and beautiful lights glowing around them. " what did you guys get for her , I got a statuette of all her friends and a card. " he asked the two ponies he was walking with him, awaiting a response. " who else will be there" he thought. think of all the people they knew that could be joining them at the party.
  7. Solace

    Would you date the user above you?

    If it moves..... :comeatus:
  8. Strikey had finally made it to the ground, the festivities still in the distance from where he had landed. He had made his way over to where he assumed SkyStorm had landed and saw she was unharmed " phew, wouldn't want to have to go back to canterlot hospi... who's that ??? " he thought as he saw skystorm with a pony who he can assume is one of lightning blisses and group's new friend's. Lightning Strike walked over to them, wondering which one of the friends he could of been. he only new about them when he got the statuette commissioned, but other than look he knew nothing. " SkyStorm!!!" he yelled, as he went over to the two ponies. " i haven't seen you in ages" he exclaimed, in a loud and excited tone. After a short amount of time of re-acquainting himself with his old friend, he had remembered the pony unknown to him. "hello, i'm Lightning Strike. I was a friend of lightning blisses from before. I apologise for not knowing who you are exactly, but i know you are one of the new friends she had made." *Laughs in slight embarrassment *
  9. Lightning Strike Sat in the pegasus flying cart , his saddle bag full of caneighdian souvenirs and a birthday card and present for lightning bliss; a card that says from the "people you love like family, the one's who all love you back" and a custom made statuette of all of her friends, new and old. with a crest saying a strong, unifying word, "together". "i can't wait to be back in Ponyville. After all that time in trotonto, i hope that the people i knew and loved haven't changed to much." he thought to himself. While waiting for his stop at ponyville station, he sees a blue and white blur shoot past at breakneck speeds, he knew SkyStorm was on her way. as the ride goes on for what seems like a eternity, he is finally cued by the pegasi flying that they are descending. as they slowly descend, he hears a unknown stallion scream out and a loud crash. "glad i payed a flat rate" as he shot out, his bag weighing him down. as he descends, he sees party decorations. A beatiful party that awaits a radeint alicorn. with the very best a ponyville party could be. beautifle candles with a royal golden trim, cake that would be to die for and even more. The sight of such a magnificant party brought up the amazing memories he had of all his friends, making joy well up in him, causing slight tears of joys to stream down his cyan coat. he wiped away the tears and continued , hoping that SkyStorm didn't hit someone after going to fast again
  10. Hey @Lightning Bliss !!! long time no see. i hope it's not to late for strikey to come by to your Birsthday ( happy birthday BTW)
  11. :okiedokielokie: you're not leaving *grabs*