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  1. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "It's all three of those things, I can get like, I dunno, 500,000 bits for that, so I can be rich like most of the stallions in Canterlot. And for the adventure, I can at least hope that the pony building the place securing the treasure, isn't so lazy, that they didn't bother to put in the traps and take out all of the fun of getting it."
  2. Sorry if I haven't posted recently, I've been very busy lately, hey /Melancholy, can you take over my character until I say so?
  3. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "Well, we can check the schedules and see what's going on, but other than that, I don't know." he suggested. They then went down to the breakfast area, they managed to sit at a table that was fortunately for them empty. He could see some ponies he knew though.
  4. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "Sure, I'm very hungry, we should get somethin' to eat." he answered as they went to the dining room.(?) "So, you think that all the other ponies we've met will be there too?" he asked. It felt like forever since he left the table he was at to check on Moonbeam. He just couldn't wait.
  5. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    He had been following the rooms to see which one is Moonbeam's for 25 minutes. after a while he finally arrived at her door. Just one minute before 10:00 am. He then knocked on the door. Hoping that he can get an answer if she was actually ready to go out with him.
  6. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    Firecracker woke up. He looked around to find that he had fallen asleep as soon as he got on the bed from the night with Moonbeam. He then checked the time: 9:30am. He had a half hour to get something to eat and meet Moonbeam at her room. ((I forgot to mention this, but when you mention 10:00 am, It's 11:00 am in my time, assuming you live in the east. Now how is everypony doing starting with this new day?))
  7. Now that me and Melancholy are in our rooms, where is everyone right now? And when is 10:00 am in this RP?
  8. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "Sure, I have some time around that area. So, I'll meet you there." he then walked down the stair to where his room is, unlocked the door, and laid down on the fresh blankets of the bed. "So, I have somepony special following me..." he said to himself as the moonlight or sunlight or whatever was shining on him.
  9. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    ((Why do I reply sooooooo slooooowwwww...)) "Heh, sure, I love that idea. Where should we meet?" he asked. Firecracker really liked this mare very much and he couldn't ask for anymore than this. Maybe once they got off the ship, he could show her what his skills are really made out of.
  10. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "Heheheh... thanks! I never really thought that was really impressive for me. I can do better, but due to the size of the ship, I can't really break any limits on here without setting the ship on fire, and we all know how that would end..." he explained to Moonbeam.
  11. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    He then set them off into the wind. There was a bang, then another bang, then suddenly, there was a whole lot of mini-bangs that followed that up as well. And to top that off, after 10 seconds, there was one huge bang that followed up the mini-bangs. He hoped that would impress Moonbeam.
  12. Hey guys, I got my OC commissioned by kenniks, you should pay him sometime, he does a really good job at drawing!
  13. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    ((We need to speed up to the next day! FIREWORKS ACTIVATE!)) "Well, I thought it was obvious, since you know, it involves fire?" he questioned Moonbeam. "Anyways, I got this nonflammable cutting board for just incase..." he followed up shortly. He then began set up the fireworks with the materials he brought. Next, he put the rocket on the cutting board, and used his fire spell on it...
  14. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "So you heard that I could do that? Well sure, but I'll need some sort of surface to pull it off on. I don't want to set the ship on fire..." he said, while getting his supplies out. Firecracker could also see her blushing like she usually does while he's around her.
  15. Chespin

    Private S.S. Perennial RP

    "One thing that I want to talk about... It's probably about the way you talk. You don't seem to talk normally when I'm around you. Like for example, you stutter... I don't know if I made you upset, but it's the truth." he discussed with Moonbeam. Now that he had a more closer look at her now that they were alone, Firecracker could see she is beautiful.
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