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  1. I'm of the opinion that the semantics behind genre names is a futile battle. People come to know a game or genre by a specific name and it's impossible to try to call it by anything else without confusing people or making it sound awkward. Then there's games that don't identify with any one genre and then people argue over what it actually is. Zelda, for example, is often said to be an RPG but others will say it's Adventure. People just don't seem to want to acknowledge that some games blur the line between two genres and you can call it any one of those things. Fallout 3 is another example where people will say it's a shooter while others call it an RPG when it can technically be played either way and has elements of both that mix so well you can't just call it one and be done with it.

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  2. That's an interesting thought actually. I didn't have many games for my Gameboy Pocket when I was younger and as far as I know there also weren't very many games on it. Sure, one can probably list a ton of games for for many people the GBC was like...just a transition from GB to GBA. Or it could be that people remember games like Resident Evil Gaiden which....no one seemed to like. That and the GBA overshadowed all of the previous GB generations with its (at the time) super graphics and all these amazing games and even a PS1 remake on it. (Rayman Advanced)


    I'd say it was mostly due to that last point. The GBA blew people's minds and a lot of people probably started with that as opposed to the GB in the late 80s and early 90s.

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  3. Thou shalt not judge is exactly right. Homosexuals aren't evil. The bible specifically says to hate the sin, not the sinner and if they ever did come up to a homosexual they would treat them like anyone else, even if they did preach to them a little, because the bible fucking says to do so.


    I experimented with Christianity myself but couldn't cut it. I'm hardcore theorist/fatalist/agnostic and nothing is gonna change that.


    Shit has definitely gone down around your life but it's not totally hopeless. At least try to patch things up with your friend, eh? Remember that many Christians, though not all of them, like to pick out what they LIKE out of the bible rather than read it as it is and give the excuse that it can be interpreted differently. That is entirely untrue for the most part; much of the bible is very clear about what it says but says it in very old dialects so people like to believe that it can be taken differently when what it means is pretty clear if you are smart enough to see it.

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  4. There will always be people who call forms of art meaningless. I mean, didn't people call the piano "evil" or something? That's kinda off-topic, but meh, worth bringing up.


    I believe many more people would see video games as deeper and more thought-provoking, if the only games they saw weren't the sepia-tone muscleman shooters and such that are the norm these days. It's like how in cartoons from ages ago, when a sitcom needed to have a character play a video game, they just put a space ship on a screen, added nonsensical names and threw in random beeps and blips. Generalizing, in other words. Happens to all mediums, but video games get it worse.


    It makes me happy to see that people are looking past that more and more these days. Still, we have such things as angry mobs saying VIDEO GAMES MAKE PEOPLE GO KILL EACH OTHER, so there's still a lot of progress to be made.


    Indeed. Especially with this Connecticut shooting that happened. By all reasons it was just another shooting....OH but people found out he plays video games! THEY MUST BE THE PROBLEM!

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  5. Excellent post, definitely worth posting again, on here. I always love seeing arguments for video games being an art form. Too often I see all games lumped together with Soulless Cash-in Modern Military Shooter 52, when doing so would be like lumping Fantasia in the same group as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.


    Games hold an interesting position in the art world, because of their immersion factor. I've touched on this previously, but it's always worth talking about.


    A painting can show you a warrior fighting a slime in a plain with a castle in the background. A video game can put you in that warrior's shoes. Games are also interesting because they cannot fully stand by themselves. While pong could possibly be considered timeless by many, the games that are fondly remembered and still enjoyed to this day are the ones that play great, as well as be any combination of good-looking, good-sounding or well-written.


    I personally believe gameplay only carries the experience so far. You can have a game that plays great but looks and sounds mediocre, and while it will be entertaining, it won't be what it could have been.


    I am in full agreement, Roop. You touched on everything in your blog post that I also believe. People don't look at video games as any more than children's toys, always have, but gaming has become so much more than that to the point that video games even got their own exhibit in a museum dedicated to the technological wonder of interactive gaming!

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  6. Mega Man was awesome.


    Battle Network and Starforce ftw.

    Yes. Starforce all the way! I haven't really played Battle Network but Starforce is one of my favorite branches of the Megaman series trailing only behind Megaman Zero.


    Anyway, good job on your first review, Quille. Sorry it took me so long to read it, I was at work when I saw your topic about it.


    Some suggestions:


    Try to be a tad more objective by explaining a few more technical aspects to what you are explaining about. You did good with the NES and the colors in the game but you fell short on the music part. You say it's "not as memorable but it's okay" which is about as vague as can be. Many people read reviews to get information about a game and whether they want to get it. Even if this is a review for a very old game it doesn't change the fact that people will read it out of curiosity if they've never played the game. Go on to explain things like what type of music it is, what instruments are used (or it's trying to sound like at least, in the case of 8-bit music like Megaman's)


    It's perfectly okay to be subjective, tell what your favorite parts of a game are and such, but be aware that you telling someone that it's your favorite part tells them nothing about what that part actually consists of.


    And here's a bit of advice I got from someone else: Take out scoring. In most cases scoring is more or less an arbitrary number and many reviewers will actually say one thing but give a totally different score than they are trying to portray. It's hard to put opinions, feelings and views into a number. You'll do better just explaining things and perhaps ending on a "i'd recommend this to x person"


    Definitely did a good job of it though. One thing I've always believed is that a reviewers love for a game should always shine through and you did that pretty well. (I don't believe it's fair to review games you hate. While loving a game is also biased it doesn't cloud your view a game as much as unbridled hatred does)

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  7. I've never played the Saturn version. I never had a Sega console during that era so I've been making up for lost time by buying collections with Genesis and Saturn games on them like the Ultimate Genesis Collection. UGC has the arcade version of Space Harrier on it. Other than graphics I wonder if there's any subtle differences between the two. Either way it's crazy fun, even though I die like all the time and the only reason I've gotten up into level 30+ was because UGC counts pressing start as entering a coin so you can continue forever. xD

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