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  1. Because he or she has a god complex. They want to be a god or highest and have people bowing to them.
  2. I like to take a shower with hot water it's so relaxing.
  3. The Antidote Amidst the shooting stars, there is this legend… There was a girl. She studied long and hard at the local academy. She had studied to become a starship captain. Hearing stories of people exploring the stars. Finding hope and prosperity. Now her parents were both knights. Loyal to the rulers of the planet. They wanted their daughter to follow in their footsteps. Becoming a knight as well. When the parents found out that their child had chosen her area of study. They were not happy. After she had graduated they prepared a meal within their home. Taking out a small vial of poison. Having paid one of the many lab sciences well. That worked in the castle to create it. As the vile was slipped into her food and drink. She ran downstairs. For her graduation dinner. As she ate and drank. She spoke of many heroics. Accounts of solving diplomatic issues, finding lost treasure and fighting in wars. The graduate had an older brother. He was the captain of the royal guard. Like his parents before him. He too had achieved this great rank. Wishing for his sister to do the same. She had instead chosen a different path. So the captain was more than willing to go through with the plan. However, the more she spoke about the stories of space travel. As well as the good that came from the adventures. The more the brother began to support his sister. As he watched her take the utensils she used. Over to the sink. Washing them clean. The brother could only look on. Knowing it would only be a matter of time. She wouldn’t be long for this world. He now only desired a cure. For the poison that she had consumed. As the parents led her to her room. The moment she stated she was feeling ill. The captain snuck out as soon as the chance arrived. He headed to a to all of the medicine markets in town. None of them sold an antidote. He looked at the castle in the distance. The sun begins to set from behind the castle walls. This was all his fault. He had an opportunity to stop it and didn’t. Why couldn’t the captain and their parents support her? The family had been cruel to their child. Over not supporting a family legacy. Now it was too late he feared. He had been unable to acquire an antidote. He walked outside the town. Into the dark forest. Sitting on a rock. With his head in his hands. Moments later came a sound. The captain heard the loud sound appearing to be close to him. He looked up to see a single woodpecker. Located on the tree next to him. It had been pecking and now stopped briefly. Seeing to look straight into the captain's eyes. It flew down landing in front of him. The captain noticed something sparkling. In a hollow part of the tree. Where the bird had been. He stood on his feet. Inside the hollow opening was a treasure. He sulked back down again. His hopes slashed. The noise began again. The tiny bird was working tirelessly at a different tree. Then another and another and another. The captain rose to his feet. Walking over to each tree. Noticing the same thing contained within each. As he watched the bird finish up. This one tree contained a small vial. The captain realized this clear bottle of liquid must be it. The cure he’d been looking for. Though he dares not touch it. For the bird was now sitting on a small branch. Appearing to look directly at him. It landed next to the captain. At that moment. White light glowed all around it. As the bird took a taller form. This form revealing to be a woman. The captain jumped back in surprise. After a few moments. The captain regained his focus. Turning in the direction the woman faced. She was looking at the tree in which the antidote was kept. The captain watched her retrieve the vial. Studying the small container. As if it could break at any moment. With a wave of her hand flames touched the air. “Someone you care for deeply is ill.” The captain stood there still as stone. A look of surprise covered his face. “How would you know my sister is- She must’ve seen everything as that small bird.” He realized cutting himself off. “Who are you anyway?” The captain asked impatiently. Before the woman could respond. He gave a grunt of frustration. “I don’t have time for this.” He looked back at the woman. Then at the bottle in her hand. Taking off heading for home. He ran upstairs to his sister's room. There she was laying in her bed. Her chest barely moving up and down. Her breathing ragged. His parents would be pleased. That their traitor of a daughter would be dead soon. He slowly walked over to her bedside. Tears sprang from his eyes. His family legacy was valued as more important. Then their own flesh and blood. Even her happiness hadn’t been taken into account. He failed. The captain knew his sister's life was over. After some time of mourning over his dying family member. He opened his eyes once more. To a familiar sound of pecking on the window. He slid the window open. Seeing it was the woodpecker from before. She held the vial of antidote in her talons. She glided inside. Taking the form of the woman from before. She walked over to the bed. Where the young girl lay. Looking over her form closely. As if checking for injuries. She was starting to shiver. The woman shot the captain a look. Without a second thought. He ran out to the hall. Featuring at least two blankets. Placing them gently over her. The captain gave a look of worry. The woman nodded in approval. This helped to ease his mind. Still having the full container in hand. She moved her head to the door. Motioning for the captain to walk with her. When they were outside. Flames burnt through the air. “You left without giving me a chance to answer your question.” The captain held his hand down. Looking back up as he felt more heat tense up the air. She gave him her name. Explaining that she was here to assist. “I can give you the vile.” She said holding it up. “But only if you give me something most precious to you in return.” The captain thought long and hard. Pacing back and forth frantically. In front of the woman. He now knew as Savitri. What could he give the fire mage? In exchange for the vile? They had no spell books within their home to give. His mother had given over her engagement ring. To his sister. No that wasn’t enough. Their family legacy meant everything to them. After what the three had plotted. He knew they didn’t deserve it. Such a good reputation should only go to the kind-hearted. Not wicked men such as themselves. Still, there was something even more valuable. His life was the most precious thing he could give. He stopped pacing. Taking a knee before Savitri. “I will gladly trade my life. In exchange for my sisters. Please just take care of her for me.” He focused on the ground. Blinking several times to hold back tears. There hadn’t been a moment of hesitation to his words. The sincerity was clear. “Rise bring your sister to the forest. There she shall be cured.” The captain did as asked. He headed inside to retrieve his sister. Bringing her to the forest. Lying her in the center of it. Where Savitri waited for them. Savitri handed the vial over to the captain. The captain administered the antidote. Time passed and the captain's sister fulfilled her goal. Becoming a starship captain. The brother assisted Savitri for the rest of his days. Giving his life to her in servitude. As he had promised. The treasure within the trees. Had been recovered by the citizens of the kingdom. As for the cruel parents. They burned to death. When their home mysteriously caught fire.
  4. The Lost Children One day a young warrior dressed in armor. Awoke to find herself in a room she didn’t recognize. The doors hissed open. As a woman wearing a captain’s uniform entered. “you're awake.” The child noticed she wasn’t bound to the bed. Was this all a dream? “I understand that you must have questions. All will be answered in time. For now, we ask that you stay inside and get some rest. Meals will be brought to you.” With that, the woman left. Days went by. With the captain providing food. But would quickly leave as soon as questions were asked. Only to reassure the young warrior that she was safe. This certainly was no dream. A couple of weeks went by before her questions were answered. “I figured it best to give you some time to get used to your new home.” Before the child could interrupt. The captain raised her hand slowly. The child closed her mouth Letting the captain continued. “Your family told us to take you. A request that you stay here. That is until this war with the empire is over.” The captains head hung at the last sentence. “We barely got you out of there. You were sound asleep. Just before the bombs hit.” “What about my family?” The captains head shot up. She raised her hands in reassurance. “There fine.” The child let out a breath that she hadn’t realized. That she was holding. The first good news she had heard since she first arrived. “There currently at the rebel base. Planning their next line of attack.” The captain began pacing back and forth. Head down looking at the floor. Arms behind her back. Appearing to be in deep thought. “However, that’s where our team comes in. The empire is doing more than just controlling the galaxy through fear. Children have gone missing according to news reports. All of these missing children have one thing in common. All of the families held Savitri as the deity of their religion. The empire clams that the children are being brought back to the sun goddess. So that they may serve her directly or so the news says. We suspect that these children are being made to serve the empire. At least there “gods” anyway.” The captain stopped pacing for a moment. Her head now upright. Looking at the child sitting on the bunk before her making sure she was listing. Before continuing on with her next thought. Pacing back and forth again. There’s another possibility. The empire could be wanting to sacrifices these children. To please their “gods” or should I say the many demons that clashed with Savitri over the centuries. We're suspecting that the empire doesn’t want these kids joining the rebellion.” “So this could all lead up to a mass slaughter?” The young girl asked. “Exactly if the children aren’t suspected of having information on the rebellion. Should that happen they’ll be interrogated for some time.” The captain replied. This time she did not look up or cease her pacing. The door slid open a moment later. “The imperial shuttle is ready to go, captain.” A young man said. Giving a salute. The captain stopped her continuing motion of walking back and forth. When she heard the door slid open. “Thank you. You are dismissed.” She said with a smile. The young man turned on his heel and left. The captain turned to the girl. “You have two choices. You can either choose to walk away and stay in this room until this war is over or you can be a part of this family and help us defeat the empire. Restoring freedom to the galaxy. Are you ready for this or not?” “Am I?” The girl said pointing to herself. “You bet I am.” She said with excitement. The captain took the worrier to the storage room. The room had nothing but weapons all stolen from the empire. Different rebel groups proudly having robbed the empire of every single one. The girl grabbed what she was familiar with using. The captain and worrier boarded the imperial ship. As the two took their seats and started the journey. Within a couple of hours, they had reached their destination. They came upon a large space station. Having their ships cereal number cleared at the checkpoint. They landed at the nearest docking bay. The two went to the back of the ship. Located there were several storage containers. Opening the boxes. The two found imperial uniforms and many other things inside the ships boxes. Quickly dressing in imperial style uniforms. Along with grabbing any extra items the two could spot. The team headed out. Passing by storage rooms and offices. Still no sign of the missing children. An imperial officer stopped them. Requesting to see there I.D.s. After explaining they were new. The imperial responded with a nod of approval. Taking the captain and child to her office. Once they had their badges. The imperial explained all access was available. Computer files, storage rooms, and more. As the two left the imperial back to her duties. They scanned the hall for the nearest room. Only entering to find this one filled with crates. The next room also only contained crates. As did the third. The warrior swiped her I.D. card at the fourth room. This room was an office. With a desk and sitting on top of it. A computer. Just their luck. The two grinned at each other. The child kept watching. While the captain searched the computers data banks. When the information was located. The captain grabbed all the flash drives from within the room. Though she only found a few. She downloaded the information on the missing children. Onto the drives. As the pair continued onward. The captain explained that the children were being held underground. The worrier replied that was probably why she hadn’t seen any imperials walk by. When she kept watching. Either these children were about to be sacrificed. For the sake of pleasing demons or the Imperials were going to be taking pleaser in their mass execution. That was only if the captain’s predictions were right. If not, it still wouldn’t change who dire the situation would become. After a few hours. They came a crossed and entered an underground entrance. The pair stood in the very back of a large crowd of imperials. Watching the scene of an unconscious boy laying on a pedestal. An imperial who appeared to be of higher status. Then the ones they had seen earlier that day. Based on the dress where alone. Was holding a knife just below his chest. “This child is to be punished. For serving the false creator of the galaxy Savitri. Today this boys blood will be used as a tribute. Only for the true gods.” The worrier moved forward in a tense motion. The captain grabbed her shoulder. Forcing her counterpart to stop in place. The captain shook her head sadly. As the warrior looked at her with pleading eyes. The younger turned around realizing that they were to watch events unfold. As the imperial took the knife in one hand. Bringing it plunging down into the boy’s chest. “Another servant of the false god had been rightfully sacrificed.” At this, the crowd cheered with joy. The captain scanned the area. Feather back from where the pedestal lay. The captain rested a hand on the warrior’s shoulder. Pointing quietly to where the door was. Not allowing herself to get distracted by the cheering crowd. The warrior retrieved several smoke bombs from her belt. Rolling them on the ground. As the cheering was replaced with confusion. When the bombs exploded. The warrior grasped the captain's hand. Running to the door the captain pointed towards. The smoke was now clearing as they reached their destination. The warrior tossed a few more smoke bombs into the crowd. As the captain and warrior drew their blasters. The captain was tackled to the ground. By the imperial that had performed the ritual. It was hard for her to get a clear shot. As both the captain and the imperial wouldn’t stay still the two taking hits and exchanging blows at one another. “Roll to your left.” The warrior yelled. The captain did as instructed. Allowing the younger to take aim. Fairing at the imperial. The man collapsed to the ground dead. As the smoke was clearing once more. The warrior pulled the captain to her feet. The two holstered their blasters. Heading through the door. “Why did you stop me? We could have saved that boy.” The warrior asked as they ran down the hall. “That’s the hardest part of being a member of the rebellion.” She held up a recorder. That had been retrieved from her belt. “Sometimes in order to gather information. We must see and hear everything.” The captain hooked the recorder. Back onto her belt. They stopped at a door. The first in a long line down the hall. The captain made a countdown with her fingers. The pair quickly drew out their blasters. As they burst into the room. Only to see cages upon cages filled with children. The warrior looked down sadly as the captain turned to her. “I know you're upset about not being able to save that boy. Once we free all of these captives. Along with getting this information back to the rebellion. We will be one step closer to stopping the empire.” The warrior hadn’t even realized the captains hand on her shoulder. The captain had now removed her hand. Letting it drop to her side. The warrior locked eyes with the captain. Both took one glance over their shoulders looking at the cages. Noticing the locks on them they took aim with their blasters and fired.
  5. The Emblem and the Archer There was a king who had recently lost his wife. He grieved over her death. As well as the passing of their unborn child. The king longed for a strong and faithful successor. So, he made a deal with a greedy company. “I will give you many credits. So that your science may continue. The only thing I ask for in return. Is that you summon those throughout the galaxy. Have each person be challenged to your tests. The child that can complete all of them. Will be regarded of my own flesh and blood. Now go and bring these children.” When the king paid his due. Starships were sent out. One child that was brought forth was a young girl. She had no family of to speak of. She had been raised by dragons. Far in the highest mountains. Being able to use dragon stones. Made from the earth. They had taught her how to communicate. Communication was done using telepathy. Being from the same planet as his majesty. As well as having seen her surrounded by friendly elegant dragons. She was brought down to the labs by a scientist. On traditional horseback. “Was she a dragon Shifter?” The older woman wondered. Looking back at the child that road with her. “No, how foolish of me. She would have been startled to see someone like me. The transformation would have taken place immediately. The moment we made eye contact. Those mountains rarely receive visitors. However…” Instructing the younger one to hold on. The horse was brought to a run. When they had arrived at the labs. The challenger spent the next few months locked away in a room. Being taught how to use a bow and arrow. At the time, the competition was to start. She was brought out. Having been dressed in elegant looking garments. When the tests began. Each of the competitors had their own way of going about completing the puzzles. Only the first few could be viewed by all. The lab workers personally oversaw the rest. Some used guns or blasters of a type. Others relied on swords. Martial arts were also present. The girl appeared to be the youngest. Looking between fourteen to sixteen in age. All of those before her did very well. Until they died during the exams. Overhearing a few of the workers. Discussing the final results. While she sat in the waiting room. On the screen, her name popped up. Grabbing her bow and arrow she walked out into the first chamber. Seeing a button on the wall out of reach. She loaded an arrow into the bow. Aimed at the button and fired. It hit its mark. Activating a timer. She repeated the process. The other button from across the way. Letting out a loud ding. A door opened leading to the next room. She passed each of the challenges. With some difficulty. Small cuts had grazed her legs. Received from the machine guns that were mounted to the walls. Unable to destroy them before they fired. A flamethrower had given her a burn. She was now forced into a slow walk. She made herself perform faster with attacks. Though allowing her to notice more because of the injury. She saw one body after another. Begin to pray to whatever deity. That might hear her call. She kept praying as her journey continued. After finishing the final puzzle. The exit opened up. Revealing the king. Next to him. The female worker that had brought her to this destination. The challenger took a knee. As the king proclaimed her as his daughter.The lab coat woman brought her into a hug. Congratulating the girl. Heading home in the king's starship. All while her injuries were tended to by healers. She removed the stone from her pants pocket. Looking at it for a long while. Something wasn’t right. How could they act so casually? Many died during the event. This was treated as a victory. The stone had been with her. All throughout the proceedings. She hadn’t tried to contact the dragons. A much more powerful force would need to cast judgment. That is if the stone could work in such ways. The next day a Pegasus came to the castle. She told the child and king. Savitri wished to speak with them. In a location outside the kingdom. She would be at the flower pastures. The pegasus flew on ahead. Leading the way. Savitri stood to look peaceful. Standing in the middle of a large daisy patch. She thanked both the maiden and the king. With a nod of her head. Flames flared as Savitri wrote in the sky. The girl was welcomed for her patience. The king, however, was not. Savitri told the king that the girl called out to her. Revealing the stone from her pocket. Holding it out flat to the group. “I hid this ages ago. How did you come by it?” the pegasus asked in shock. The girl said that she lived among dragons all her life. She remembered that one dragon. Made of sand and stone. Retrieved it deep underground. This was the very first one she had communicated with. “That stone is a matter of importance.” The pegasus said. Indicating with a point of her hoof. “It must be hidden away once more.” Fire shot in the air. “No, I wish for this made. Along with the queen to hold the emblem.” “My wife passed. What do you mean for my queen and daughter to hold onto the emblem?” The king said angrily. “What about my role in all of this?” Heat filled the air. Savitri explained everything. She had sent several messengers. The moment she heard the daughters cry. The messengers had witnessed much of the event. As it came to her attention. Savitri said she came to the location. Were the testing was taking place. As instructed by the messengers. Able to speak with the head scientist. The owner of the corporation. Told Savitri they were given many credits. In order for science to be done. So the king may find an heir to the throne. That was when their presence was requested. On the very next day. All said and done. The king was whisked away by the Pegasus. Into the air, he went until he disappeared from sight. The child looked on in shock. Savitri looked down at the flowers. Sparks began to swirl around the flower patch. Becoming embroidered in the fire. Coming together as a white glow starting to more appear. These things came together to form a woman with a crown on her head. The girl realized that this was the king's wife. As the queen looked around in wonderment. She was calmed at seeing Savitri. Having met her in heaven. Savitri told of the wicked acts of her husband. How he paid for test subjects to find himself an heir. How the child was the one to complete the testing. As such, she was now her daughter. The stone the young one had. Was a piece of her soul. Savitri’s soul in its true form. She asked the pair to watch over the emblem. The queen and median agreed. The emblem was watched by the royal family and their descendants long after.
  6. Science Rymes with Compliance The halls of science tell this tell… Hope this is what one young girl wanted for the world. In order to accomplish her dream. She left her family. Following the path leading outside of town. After having packed some resources. Including rare material. That had been recycled. From the recent war that had occurred. After a couple of days. The child came upon a stream. Sitting down she opened her travel sack. Only some bread remained. Just as she was about to eat it. Footsteps could be heard from behind. An elegant looking woman stood next to where she was. She looked at the bread that the smaller woman held. Never taking her eyes off of it as she sat down. The original owner of the meal offered it to the older one. The taller one smiled. Saying nothing. Kindly taking the food from her. After having consumed the bread. The woman began drinking from the stream. Tossing all items out from the bag. The other looked up to see a piece being held up to the sun. The fragment was in the shape of an arrow. She studied the ground seeing scattered fragments. Yes, the child would make a fine apprentice. As she watched the little one gathers her things. With the larger one now standing. Flames at her fingertips. The wise one wrote into the sky. The message danced as fire in the air. It was instructions to the smaller one. Offering an apprenticeship to become a swordsmith. Teaching her in the ways of old. Astounded by what she had witnessed. Remaining still while the second began to walk away. She headed after her. Several years came and went. With the apprentice under the master. Arrows Gift as she was known by her apprentice name. Studied under Savitri. Having earned the privilege through the act of kindness. That had been reviled at the stream. Arrow studied many things alongside being a swordsmith. Including swordplay with Savitri training her. Having her build her first sword. This was made out of the materials. That she first brought with her. Arrow looked over many scrolls and texts. All written by philosophers, poets and researchers alike. Since Savitri was mute. Access to the writings helped. Arrow did well with swords and medicine. However, lacking in writing and philosophical studying. Arrow would move on to develop medicine. She left her master to find work. As she was hired by a company that worked with medical science. Arrow was placed together with a male co-worker. At first, they had many arguments. Deciding on how each medicine should be crafted. Arrow and her partner got better over time. One day she walked into the usual lab. A cold burst of air hit Arrow. Funny as her friend liked warm tempters. Arrow scanned the area before her. No signs of struggle were to be seen. Papers and books were neatly filed. Looking at the time from the watch on her wrist. He was over two hours late. In the few years that she had known him. Being late to work was the last thing on his list. Arrow walked out of the lab. Straight down to the supervisors, office. This man was also the company’s CEO. Arrow walked in as permission was accessed. Questioning the CEO as to the whereabouts of her ally. This was dismissed as he needed to be moved. Another section acquired his attention. They still needed to test the last medicine they made. Why move him before the final results? She spent some time peeking through the doors. As well as asking a few people. There was no sign of her fellow scientist. Something was out of place. It wasn’t just the fact that one person was missing. What was it though? A thought hit Arrow at that moment. She remembered one of the restricted areas. The very top floor that was the rooftop. She was going to need to smash that code panel. Arrow ran to her locker. Observing to make sure no one was in sight. Undoing the lock, she pulled out the weapon. Having kept the blade locked away for a long while. It was now time to use the blessed power of light. Arrows teacher must’ve been some kind of mage. The item had been blessed. Not through words. Only through light and flame. She strapped the blade in its sheath. Tossing the strap over her. Heading down the hall. Observing the rooms one more time. So that’s what it was? There were less and fewer employees over the years. Not coming to work in their respective labs. There had been no word travel of people quitting or being fired. Word traveled fast around the place. Everyone would have known if something like that had taken part. She pressed the button on the elevator to take her up. The doors opened and walking inside. Arrow saw the control panel to her right. Just below the basement floor button. Arrow didn’t have the pass card. She pushed the button right next to the panel. As it flashed red several times. Indicated that access had been denied. Arrow quickly brought out the sword. Stabbing it through the control panel. The elevator started its journey upward. As the doors open she sees a shack a crossed the way. Headed over to it. She looks through the small window on the door. The room is full of ravens in cages. She watching as one man opens one of them. Carefully pulling out one of the birds. Clicking a tracker on the creatures, leg. A piece of metal in its talons. The bird was released through an opening. At one of the windows in the lab. Another man was brought out. Unconscious and dropped to the floor by a second lab worker. Arrow was unfamiliar with the knocked-out man. Other than the fact that he was a co-worker at the labs. The first lab worker that had released the raven. Turned grabbing a needle off of a table nearby. Injecting the serum into the man’s back. In a few minutes, the man went from human to bird. The resting bird was then lifted. Taken over to a nearby cage. She decided to follow the Ravens. Finding out was their true destination was. Arrow headed out the way she came. Exiting the building only to find a path of feathers and metal scraps. This pathway led through the forest and to the mountains. A four-day trip of Arrow only stopping for a break. Drinking from streams and eating barriers that were safe for consumption. The trail led to a castle at the top of the mountain. Arrow noticed that it was guarded by a dragon. One made of the most precious metals. She heard a screech of a raven as it flew past. It went over and clipped a metal piece onto the dragon. As its yellow eyes glowed to life. The bird flew away as the mechanical beast rose to its feet. It was as large as three grown men. As Arrow draws out her sword. The dragon lunges at her. Snapping its powerful jaws. Arrow manages to move out of the way. Not before being hit by its powerful tail. Throwing her into a wall. Arrow jumps up and does a spin slash. Cutting off the dragon’s head. Her lessons in swordplay with Savitri managed to pay off. Stepping over the metal creatures cut off the head. Arrow walked to the large castle before her. She enters the building seeing a large spiral staircase. She rushed up the stairs. Seeing the many rooms, she passed by. There was a door that opened to the roof. She looked around for a few moments. Noticing the roof was lined with Ravens. After pointing her head down. She noticed her missing co-worker. He was chained to the floor. In an unconscious state. Before she can reach him. The CEO steps out onto the rooftop. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Arrows heart. He began to speak. “I’m shocked, you managed to defeat my ultimate weapon. You think you work for a company that makes medicine?” He let out a laugh. “We make the best weapons. Weapons that can be used for the next war!” Arrow was shocked. “I thought we were creating medicines. Medicines that spread home and light. Cures that made the world a better place.” Arrow drew out her blade. Taking a slice at the CEO. The gun fell to the ground in two. Arrow looked over to see the shock on her best friend’s face. He had woken up just in time to witness that. Running over and cutting off the chains. That kept him bound to the ground. He stood up and wasted no time. Tackling the CEO putting the leftover binds on him. Arrow and her greatest ally. Made the four-day journey back to the lab. Once they had arrived. Weeks were spent trying to create a cure. Restoring the lost co-workers to the way they had been. Working with the information Arrow had told her friend. After time and time again. The pair realizes. That the medication they had been creating all these years was the cure. They promptly ground up the medication and mixed it. Doing so with some old meat from the companies’ kitchen. The two rush over to the restricted area. Opening the door. They tossed the birdfeed inside. They both watched. As a large number of ravens filled the room. Feasting on what was before them. The friends watched as the Ravens slowly began to turn into familiar faces. The co-worker turned to Arrow with a smile. Taking her hands in his. He asked to marry Arrow. He told her that the company and the castle. Would forever be a kingdom. It was done. The CEO was burned alive at the stake. For all of the new kingdom to see.