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☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

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Welcome to the "Yum or Yuck" Thread!
It is a game where you say yum or yuck depending on the food that person above you said!

Member #1: Yuck! Brownies?
Member #2: Yum! Olives?
Member #3: Yuck! Carrots?

~ These rules apply to everyone, regardless of who you are.
~ Do not double post; just edit your first post.
~ No conversations on the thread.

Ok, I'll start!

Fried chicken?

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what have you done to my body     Oh hell yeah   bear meat

*spontaneous dry-heaves* The flesh of innocents.

Yum.   Cheese pizza topped with either BBQ chicken nuggets and pineapple or bacon and pineapple.

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Never tasted it, though I knew a snake once who said it was aight



Spiders are shitty to eat, Yuk.

Try giving me something good XD


What about Rose Petals?

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apples? oblivious.png


(do you prefer the worm in or out of it???)

I prefer the worm out...yeah....


What about Strawberries and Apple Cider?

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