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Bonnie Flare OC


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Hey everyone, here is the thread I was talking about making if you saw my Bonnie and Scarlett vector.


As said in the other thread, I created this OC because I wanted a new one, and because my friend made his OC Scarlett Bloom and I wanted a nice one for myself.


Her name is Bonnie Flare.

Not too sure about her special talent but leaning towards her being a Black Smith. (thanks Rainbow Eclipse)


I'm still thinking up her backstory, once I get that down I'll put her in the character database.

So, please tell me what you think of her.




Just in case the image is screwing up,


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That OC is adorable! When you first showed her to me i was really impressed cause you did a REALLY good job! 


I love her colour scheme i think it goes really well and especially like the gradient on the mane and tail.


Great job once again Cadance!  ;) 

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Bonnie Flare sound like an awesome camp councilor name...lol
Because it's almost like "Bonfire". Get it? >.<
Well, I think so, because of the fire emblem as her cutie mark, and she looks sorta motherly as well!

Anyways, she looks very pretty! I'm kinda iffy on her mane though, and how the colors fade into the mane like that. I think I prefer manes that have streaks of that secondary color more than I do manes that just happen to have faded colors in them. Personally, I think she'd look really good without the red-orange in her mane. That's my opinion though, you don't got to take my word for it. 


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Bonnie Flare is so so so cute!!  ^.^  Absolutely love! If you don't mind me asking, how'd you make her? :o  Or, would that be like a magician telling their secrets to the trick?

Thank you! :)


I used inkscape, I got the base and re-designed the mane, tail and colours.

I added gradient to then mane to see how it would look, I thought it looked nice :)

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She's so d'aaawwwtastic! ahihihi.gif


One thing that I'd like to point out is that the stroke at the left of her left eye should be, as usual, the same color with all the other strokes.


All in all, another solid 9.9/10 for you... :)

Fixed :)


Thanks for pointing that out!

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