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Planning 1v1 RP, over to anything.

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Alright, long story short, I havn't role played in months. I`ve been trying to get back into it, but I feel rusty and want an RP to help me get back into the feel of things. I have a few character, but if I have to write a whole new character id be more than happy to, I could use the excuse.


I`m open to literally whatever you want to throw at me. I want something new and exciteing to get my mind moving and get back into the groove of things. I`m quite literate, and can post some impressive lengths when it comes to post, if I do say so myself. 


So, go ahead, come one come all! Romance, adventure, drama, you name it, I want it! 





P.S, an example of my writeing, for those that want to see.http://mlpforums.com/topic/91020-fallout-equestria-ground-zero-rp/   One of the RPs, I was in until just when I took my little break.



(Oh, of course, I fuck up the title.THATLL  show everyone how literate I am... erg, fuck it, it was midnight when I posted that. It was meant to be 'open to anything'.... fuck.)

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How about a Detective/Spies RP?


You and I could work together to bust a crime ring wiiiide open, making up the events and antagonists as we go along.


The exact generation of the idea is coming from a large and complex setting background I'm making for an RP of my own, which has no forthcoming predicted date of creation (if any exists).

As it stands, the setting I'm inventing works by bookmarked historical events progressing 100 years from the events of Friendship is Magic. This is the setting I'm imagining us using:


66AL: The “Diamond” Spy Ring is uncovered by an investigation by Redstone Shining, a member of the Equestria Intelligence Network, and son of Shining Armor the Brave. Although the conspiracy is a sinister network and many spies are arrested in the sting, Redstone’s investigation itself was of dubious legality. The Diamond Spy Ring is revealed to be responsible for technology theft, information and economic manipulation over the previous two and a half decades, as well as the murder of Clipper Skipper (among numerous other crimes).
  • The Forthright Commission is launched to verify the security and integrity of nearly every branch of the Equestrian government, in reaction to the discovery. The Ministry of Information and Ministry of Administration are most carefully scrutinized.
  • Despite suspicions by cynical members of the public, the Forthright Commission never finds any evidence of Chrysalisi Changeling participation or involvement in the Spy ring. On the contrary, Redstone notes that Separatist Changelings assisted him more than once during his investigation.

(Where A.L. means "years after Luna's return". Clipper Skipper was an inventor and engineer for Equestria's Space Program seventeen years before. He was mysteriously murdered, and the plans surrounding a world-changing invention of his, vanished.)


What do you say?

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