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Request Can anyone draw my 2 other OCs?

Stone Cold Applejack

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My main OC Red Sage has been drawn so my other 2 need to too. There names are Ziggs and Ajax. I can't draw and I'd really apprentice this.


Ziggs: Orange man and tail with a thin stripe of red at the top of the tail ending at the end and getting smaller as it get closer to the end of the tail. Yellow coat. Stallion. Pegasus. Green eyes any shade but dark. His muzzle looks like Dr. Whooves. He is built like the background stallions not I repeat NOT like Big Mac. The shade of yellow should be like those crayola markers. And the orange is the same as is the red with the marker shade. His mane is styled like a buzz cut. His cutie mark is a red medical cross. Also if you want to you can give him a corpsman M1 helmet but only if you want.


Ajax: White coat. Light blue mane. Built like Big Mac. Muzzle like Big Mac. Hoof color is carbon black. Eye colors the same color as Derpy. His mane is like Big Mac's. Nuts and bolts for a cutie mark. Stallion. Earth pony. If you want to give him a M2 flamethrower. The kind they used in WWII. If you do put ash and dirt on him but not a lot. Again only if you want to.


The parts about the military stuff you do if you want to do it. I'm fine either way if you do it or if you don't do it. Its all up to you.

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