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Gaming Anypony Know Some Good Pony Mods for L4D2?


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I actually already have a lot. Reskins and whatnot. But there's one thing I really want that I haven't been able to find yet. Any other suggestions are still welcome, but specifically, I want a mod for the menu music. Ponies would be preferred, of course. But anything else cool would be worth a try too.

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Menu music? I don't have any menu music, but music in game I have... Alex S.- 20 Percent Cooler remix for the level completion, Life in Equestria for Finale completion, Winter Wrap Up for Finale completion, Cupcakes HD Theme for tank, 20 Percent Cooler theme for tank...

Extra ones you could try: Fluttershy's *Squee* pick up noise, Fluttershy's *Squee* for shooting effects, Fluttershy's Yay for pick up noise, Zombie Pinkie s (Basically all zombie noises switch to Pinkie saying "FUN!")

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