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Forgotten in a diseased town (Survival) (Horror) (Slightly advanced)


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The industrial revolution… (Only 50 years since the show timeline) New cities, towns and settlements have spurred; new technology has been presented to the world of Equestria. However, with these new times, new dangers appear to the world.

Recently, the entrovoric plague has proved a threat, with papers warning those at risk, quarantines and mass hysteria. Equestria was nearly thrown into disaster but with a huge amount of luck, it was eradicated within 5 years, almost too good to be true. Life returned to normal just as soon as it had spun out of control; but no one was out of the woods yet.

Only 2 years later a new strand of the plague threatens the utopia again. In NewStart, a fairly large farming town (one of the few that is free of factories) an evolved plague has struck. No one knows how it’s appeared once again; but one this is for sure, the Equestrian government isn’t going to take chances this time. Before a hoof is raised, the town is put into quarantine. The government is doing its best to pretend that it has disappeared; even faking that it still is sending out supplies. Anyone trying to escape is either destroyed by the land mines or killed off with toxic gasses. And they’re doing a good job, because no one knows the chaos in NewStart.

No one drops off supplies, not even the government; and NewStart is left on its own. Crime and unspeakable violence has erupted in the town, entire districts being destroyed by criminals, or ponies that have gone insane. Furthermore, the plague has transformed into something so evil, it feels as if its witchcraft…



Pony Desease Control Report 10F-2: Entrovoric plague (mutated strand)

The Entrovoric Plague is a powerful strand of the first plague that struck recently in Equestria. Much like the first plague, the Entrovoric plague is a bacterium caused plague that spreads through water, infected surfaces, bodily fluids and carriers of the plague. The new mutated strand kills similarly to the first plague: by consuming a pony’s innards.  There are a few extra stages to the plague (see below).

·       Stage 1: The infected pony will cough and vomit, internal organs weaken to the infection, high fevers persist, and the pony has a 10% chance of their immune system fighting the plague off. In many cases the infection will cause the pony to laugh lightly as if it is being tickled.

·       Stage 2: The disease will attack the pony’s brain; soon the pony will begin to act violent and only wish to harm others (much like how a dog’s or wolf’s in a mental state of having rabies). This stage can last up to 2 days.

·       Stage 3: The plague will soon kill the pony. (usually after 4 days since it was infected). Due to the entire body being consumed, there will only be a shell of the pony left.

Immune system boosting potions work very well in protecting a pony from the plague to an extent. 


Halloween time again, and that means plenty of new horror or Halloween themed RP’s. While this new RP I want to host is more of a survival/adventure RP, I hope to throw a few horror elements. Let’s not waste any time. I’ll try to be brief
Let’s start with the rules
-This obviously isn’t an RP that’s supposed to be lighthearted, keep this in mind when submitting characters and/or posting
-No maximum gore, no explicit content. The rules of the forums will be strictly enforced
-There can be love and whatnot, but just as mentioned above, this must be kept clean and free of explicit content
-I expect members of the RP to keep updated but also give others a chance to post.
     -Please post at least once every 2 days
     -Please do not post more than 3 times a day (1 post a day would be best)
     - Unless you give notice, anyone who is absent for too long will be dropped from the RP
-No alicorns. The RP would be ideal with only pony OC’s (ground ponies, unicorns and pegasi)
-No Mary Sues. Everyone has mistakes and weaknesses. Don’t submit some 1000 year old guard of the princesses who can control space and time. Too much power is boring. 
-Are there guns? Yes, but they are VERY scarce and most are muskets, revolvers and non-automatic weapons.
-This isn’t a terribly advanced RP (no combat systems). However, we will have inventories (see below)
- I will control most NPC’s and threats, however I will not godmod or overwhelm your characters
Character submission form
Age for this RP:
Talent(s): (running, first aid, talking your way out of situations, cooking, fighting, ect.)
Cutie mark:
Link to page:
Water ration: enough water for 1 day
Food ration: enough food for 1 day
Germ-Blocker: injection that strengthens the immune system for 1 day, allowing you to become somewhat resistant to the disease 
Lock picks: allows you to pick the lock of 1 door
First aid kit: fully heals a pony’s injuries
Matches: starts fire for cooking and warmth
Weapons and tools: (will be described in detail later on)
More items will be added later on
Enemies: some basic enemies you will see
-Psychopaths, Killers and Thieves: Uninfected ponies that will try to hurt you, usually equipped with knives or guns
-The Infected: Ponies who have lost their minds to the disease, they will try to harm you or spread the disease to you. They may not be able to think, but they aren’t zombies, they’re just as fast and capable as you are
-Flesh Worms: 1-6 inch fat worms that spread the disease, if they bite or tunnel inside you will likely catch the plague
-Rats: another carrier of the disease
-Toxic clouds: Government weapons that sometimes drift into the village, they are purple clouds that choke you faster than drowning in water
Starting items
You may pick a certain amount of items for the start of this RP. You may pick multiples of the same item.
What limit of items you can start with is based on this.
You have 200 luck points, luck points can be spent on the following items.
10 points - Food Ration
10 points – matches (enough for 5 fires)
20 points – Clean Water ration
40 points - Germ-Blocker
60 points – Survival knife
60 points – first aid kit
100 points – Shovel (good for combat and survival)
150 points – sword
200 points – Revolver and 30 bullets
Every character also starts with 200 bits (currency, not luck points)
Lucid’s (my character’s) submission form:
Name: Lucid Dream
Race: Unicorn
Age: 23
Talents: First aid, running
Cutie mark: medical syringe and a pencil crossing in an X
Notes: Back story is slightly altered to fit the time of the RP.
Starting items: 
5 food rations
3 water rations
1 First aid kit
1 set of matches
1 germ blocker
I hope to get at least 5 players before I start, please PM me any ideas for the RP!
Players (living)
  • Lucid Dream (Lucid Dream)
  • Spritebot model ED-E (Times Hay)
  • Fire Lily
  • Dusk Shade
  • Mr Suit And Tie
  • Stormlight
  • Best OC



RP thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/112881-forgotten-in-a-diseased-town/

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Yes. It would only be fair if players could find more supplies because they will need them. However, sometimes you will need to steal or kill to get them, they are scarce after awhile.


Make sure to invite other friends to this RP if you can. 

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Wow an RP with posting rules that fit my work schedule. Few and far between.


Name: Fire Lily

Race: Pegasus

Age for this RP: Young adult mare (early 20's)

Talent(s): Flying, stealth

Cutie mark: None (per usual, but could be added in future)

Notes: Can't see the hoof in front of her face without her glasses. Is fairly lightweight so not a great fighter but is good at getting around undetected. 

Link to page: in sig

inventory: 3 food rations

1 matches

3 water rations

1 germ blocker

1 first aid kit

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Name: Storm Strafe

Race: Pegasus

Age: 18

Talents: Flying, weather magic

Notes: acts tough but is actual a softie once she let's you close. Easily loses control of her storms abilities.

Cutie Mark: Lightning typhoon



First aid kit

Water rations

2x food rations

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Okay here's my Sign up!


Name: Chains

Race: Earth Pony

Age for this RP: 32

Talent(s): Hoof To Hoof Combat, Criminal Acts, Pre-Planning Jobs (or in this case, Supply Runs), Firearm Experience

Cutie mark: Loot Bag

Notes: Chains is More of a Level headed Criminal, Prefers Taking Hostages instead of Killing them, but if they pose a threat, he will dispose of them, as quickly as possible.

Link to page: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/chains-r7330

Starting Item: Revolver and 30 bullets

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Name: Stormlight


Race: Pegasus


Age for this RP: 18


Talent(s): ability to gain trust of others no matter if they're bad or not, and fighting, flying


Cutie Mark: music notes, a two eighth notes in the middle and two small quarter notes slightly above.


Notes: She doesn't mess around, never gives mercy. She's experienced her friends and family dying because of the plague


Starting Items:

·1 Survival Knife

·1 first aid kit

·4 Food Rations

·2 Clean Water Ration


Link to page: In signature :3

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Name:Radiant Impact

Race: Earth Pony

Age for this RP: 22

Talent(s): Instinctive Brawler, Her tail is used as a blunt weapon.

Cutie mark: A steel club with nails sticking out the top( Represents her club like tail)

Notes: She is aggressive and likes to start fights or instigate them. Whenever there are intellectual talks she zones out and gets irritated and her only input will usually be "And that's when I hoof him in the face right?" She doesn't mind using her good looks to get what she wants

Link to page: In my Sig

Starting Items:

4 Food rations

3 Clean water rations

1 Germ blocker

1 First aid kit

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I have a few questions:

Why does stage 2 last 2 days but stage 3 occurs after roughly 4?

How does the disease spread? It seems yo be from liquid contact, otherwise you could drink from a river, right?

Also, can't we just take antibiotics? Or is this a virus?


Other than that lemmie get my OC...



Name: Bright Spark

Race: Unicorn

Age for this RP: 30

Talent(s): fighting, somewhat good at talking.

Cutie mark: several connected cogs

Notes: he's a bit of a douch, and he doesn't live in the city. He lives in canterlot

Link to page: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bright-spark-r1944

Starting items:


2 food rations

Water ration


Edited by Best OC
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Name: Ocean Melody

Race: Unicorn

Age for this RP: 24

Talent(s): creating hope wherever he goes and can get into tight spaces most ponies can't do to size

Cutie mark: drumsticks

Notes: He tends to stay away from getting his hooves dirty

Starting Items:

3 Food rations

3 Clean water rations

1 Germ blocker

1 matches

1  Survival knife

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Name: Orange Blossom

Race: Earth Pony

Age for this RP: 19-20?

Talent(s): Running, first aid, cooking, she's small and flexible so it's easy for her to squeeze into small places and hide, better with close combat if necessary, very cunning and agile

Cutie mark: Pie and a flower? she's a baker and the flower is an orange blossom for her name 

Notes: She's quick on her feet (or hooves) but is very afraid of heights and loud noises

Starting Items: 

Survival Knife


3 Clean water Rations

3 Food Rations


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