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Planning (No name yet; MLP+The last airbender+split Equestria) Action/adventure

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So, I was thinking of using this plot again. I was hoping to try and improve my skills in the group RP scene. So, here we go. As you can see from the title, this is an Avatar the last airbender crossover with our favorite pony folk. The mane six will be in this as well as a bunch more, but not as you know them. But I need to get some things out of the way first. Instead of magic, ponies use bending except for those who have committed great crimes against the nations. This time, bending is genetic in what type of pony(at times creature) they are as such:

Earth pony/Minotaur: Earth

Unicorn/changeling: Fire or Water(You only get one)

Pegasus/gryphon: Air

Alicorn: All four(Don't get your hopes folks, no alicorns in this one. Speaking of which...)

-No alicorns. They are seen as gods that walk among ponies and so we can keep things simple. This goes for changelings as well. They only get one element each, regardless of wings.

-Weapons are allowed. But no guns, heavy artillery, or modern earth weapons. Only bows, swords, spears, or others.

-You're free to play as one of the mane six if you want, except Twilight. I'll be taking that role. Instead you all will have one role, which I will divulge later. The remaining five + Sunset Shimmer are free game. Any empty roles will be filled by me.
-Show me your OC first. I'll see if its acceptable or not.

-Don't bother asking for the ability to bend Shadows or Hellfire. Just... no. >:(

The plot is basically your OC's and Twilight are basically team Avatar of this world and must try to bring peace to the lands while both sides try to get Twilight on the side of The Celestial Empire or the Lunar Republic which have been armed in conflict for years. However, you all will learn of a plot to exterminate the alicorns as a shadowie organization.

(I haven't thought of how I want to start this off. But until then, I want to see who actually wants to be in this)

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