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Visual Art Flutterocco

Jon the VGNerd

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After agonizing hours and laziness going on about, I finally created a second MLP vehicle, known as Flutterocco, a crossover between Fluttershy and the Scirocco, which is from Need for Speed: World. Here it is, everypony (never mind the menu interface):


Front: http://i1095.photobu...d/nfsw001-1.jpg


Rear: http://i1095.photobu...d/nfsw002-1.jpg


Since Need for Speed: World has a very small vinyl capacity, I'll have to settle for other racing games with larger vinyl capacities, like Midnight Club: Los Angeles, so I can work on MLP vehicles faster and less of a hassle. Other than that, hope you like it, even though the cutie mark's a bit off, considering as how the Scirocco is a small car and all... ^^'

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