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@Members: What should our name be? If I don't hear anything I'm making my own so shoot some ideas!

Main Plot Ideas:

  • A group of musicians join together in an attempt to reach superstar status.

Beginning Ideas:

  • Band has just gotten together but must learn to trust each other.
  • Band has been together for awhile and have already started to work.
  • I don't know!
Im not sure about the rest of you but I'm ready to jump right on in soon!


Know Characters so far...


Krooked (Nel) Bass - http://mlpforums.com...d-nel-bass-r211



Steady Beat - http://mlpforums.com...teady-beat-r228



Ticks Beet - http://mlpforums.com...ticks-beet-r241



Six Strings - http://mlpforums.com...six-string-r144

Acoustic Guitar


Overdrive (Brass Tacks) - http://mlpforums.com...rass-tacks-r185

Vocals/Electric Guitar


??Chess Queen?? - I'm not sure if this is meant for the RP?


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First one sounds interesting enough, I'll make an musician OC :)

Reserve for now.

What are our character options? If they're joining together, what instruments will they play?

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try doing something like:

1.2 friends go an adventure to find great treasures and on the way they meet other characters.

2.a group of ponies get lost in a wierd alternate universe.

3.a group of ponies get lost on earth.

oh, and Id like to help and be a character if thats ok.ive already got a RP character.

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Well, so far I guess we're going for #1!


@PinkieDaShy: The group will be kind of a mixture of whatever we want. Nel is mainly a rapper and DJ while Steady Beat is a singer with greater vocal range. As for individual instruments I suppose we could use something along the lines of Guitar, Bass, Sax, or Piano. Other instruments are welcome of course. Also, consider yourself reserved!


@Fluffninja: Can't wait to see you in the RP? do you have a link for your character?

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@Power Ten: You're in man!


P.S.- has anyone been having trouble with Pony Creator lately?


ANNOUNCEMENT: As of now I will not be receiving anymore applications for now. If I feel we need another character I will reopen recuiting but as of now I will not be adding anyone else. You can still submit one here but it might be awhile before I get back to you.


@Flutterash, RD13454 & PinkiedaShy: I'll still take one from you since you've already reserved a spot.

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