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  1. Cloud decided to join ratchet after he got fresh bandages from the infirmary. "I wasn't much help with the attack, hopefully I can be of better use now" he told Ratchet as he joined him. He sighed "This honestly isn't what I expected at all" he said.
  2. Six chuckled and looked at Vinyl, "Ahm her older brother, it's mah job ta tease her" he said while ruffling her mane.
  3. Cloud looked back at Striker, a strained look on his face. "I'm fine. Just heading back to get some pain meds from the nurse." he said as he limped onward.
  4. Six chuckled and wrapped a foreleg around his sister shoulder playfully "Awe, is wittle sissy scared of a club? Don't worry, of you need to hold my hoof just ask" he said chuckling.
  5. Cloud couldn't help but to roll his eyes once again. He should've known better than to think she'd be better than the uptight, snobby mares that inhabit Canterlot. "Whatever 'ma'am'" he replied sarcastically. He walked to her bags, realizing she didn't really know much about 'packing lightly'. He gave an agitated sigh and lifted the bags onto his back, carrying them with relative ease. They boarded the train and were taken to their sleeper car where they would be staying until they reached the Equestrian shoreline. The sleeper car held a couple beds, as well as a couch near the car window and a table in the center, a nice perk when you travel with the royal cook, you get to travel first class. Cloud trotted toward the table and pulled the map out of his saddlebag, as well as a mapping compass that he always kept with him and began checking their route they would be taking on this journey. "Youre headed quite some distance Miss Rice. What exactly are you looking for that would take you so far from home? You don't seem the type to travel for the fun of it" he said, at least trying to make decent conversation with her.
  6. Six smiled at the mentioned song, "That'd be perfect! Well let ya listen to it when we get back to her house" he said happily He then thought a moment, "Well you know the best places ta hang out. Where do ya think we should go?"
  7. Six merely shrugged, "Me and Timber make our own original pieces. Ah never had ta come up with remixes. Don't really think ahd be much help" he replied.
  8. Six merely listened to their conversation, having no idea who these bands were they we're talking about.
  10. Six looked over at the new pony and gave a smile, nodding his head in greeting. He noticed the pony only had three legs, but he didnt stare nor say anything, who was he to judge?
  11. Either one you want. You could say you know Vinyl and walk up to speak with her.
  12. Six sat down and let Timber order first, then he ordered a dandelion sandwich with hay fries. He turned to Vinyl and waited for her to order before speaking to her.