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Hey all! I have done some drawings recently of some random stuff. I hope you like it all!


Drawing #1

This is the Ghost-Type evolution of Eevee I made.


It is named "Souleon".


Here is the info of Souleon.


Eye closed: Souleon is unable to open both eyes as it will die if it opens both of them due to the Souleon being unable to handle seeing the ghost-world fully.


Faces in the fur: The Souleon contains its emotions in its ghostly fur and some appear at the top of it's fur.


Mouth: It is said that if the Souleon opens it mouth it will suck the spirit out of the opposing pokemon.


The triangle at the bottom of its fur: The triangle part of its fur contains its full soul and if the triangle gets too damaged it releases the soul of Souleon and Souleon dies.


Drawing #2


This is the evolution of Spiritomb I made.


It is named "Spiritrap"


Here is the info of Spiritrap.


Spiritrap is the evolved form of Spiritomb. Much like Diglett, Spiritomb gains 2 more entities after evolving. Spiritrap's two extra entities unlocks Spiritrap's full potential and turns it into a Pure Ghost-Type Pokemon. (Still working on more info to add)



Drawing #3

This is a Ghost-Type Pokemon - a Ditto-based one I made.


It is named "Spiritto".


Here is the info of Spiritto.


Spiritto is the ghost form of Ditto. After death, the Ditto turns into a Spiritto. Spiritto has the urge to steal souls from any living thing it can get the soul from. Its eyes are said to contain its victim's souls.



Drawing #4


This is a Ghost/Dark Type Pokemon someone from the PokeCommunity came up with.



It is named "Umbriel". The design isn't exactly the same to the original creator's version. I just wanted to draw it and add a bit more to it.


Here is the info of Umbriel.


Umbriels' body is made up of a dark gaseous substance. This gas would immediately dissipate if not for the bandages and the skull that it keeps wrapped around it's body. It is usually seen stealing from trainers in dark caves and ruins.


Drawing #5


Finally, not a pokemon!



My drawing of the "Awwwwwwwwww yeeeaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" meme.



Drawing #6


One last pokemon :3.



It is named "Humaunter"


Info for Humaunter.


It is said over hundreds of years ago, old generations of Haunters had more anger than the current Haunters. It is believed that if the Haunters believed it was being neglected it would consume it's trainer's living essence and merge itself with him so he could be with his trainer forever.



Drawing #7





I call this "Memes All In One".



Drawing #8





The Rage of a Man on the Nintendo Wii!



I hope you liked all of these! Please leave some feedback on this stuff, if you wouldn't mind! More things will be coming into existence here later, too!

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Nice drawings! keep practicing and keep up the good work! :D


Thank you! I plan to! (Currently trying to get a Tablet :3)


New Note: I have released a new drawing!

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