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searching Looking for 1x1 Rp Partners


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Oki doki, let's get this going. 

My name here is Gainsborough, I'm comfortable playing canons and/or OCs, I would prefer it if you were too. 
I like MLP, I like EQG, I like crossovers, I like original ideas, I highly prefer FxF romance pairings but I can do others if the story is good,

I'm pretty new here and I'm not used to checking often, but I'm mostly on Discord a lot of the time, if you want to contact me there instead of here, my Discord is Gpizano#2882.


I feel you can see if you're compatible with an rp partner through discussion rather than just browsing through highly detailed search threads, so if you want to see if we can jam and come up with something awesome, feel free to contact.

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Just now, Pr0m4NV14 said:

I don’t have much experience with 1x1 rolplay things either, but I would like to practice them.

Sure,we can talk things out and see if we can make up an rp. PM me or contact my discord, whichever you like and we can discuss.

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