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I Need At Least 5 Posts To View A Topic?

Midnight Solace

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Many functions, such as editing profile picture or sending private messages aren't available for new accounts, due to security reasons. These are unlocked after reaching the "Muffin" rank, that requires 5 posts.

That restriction also applies to some forum sections, so yeah, if it tells you to have at least 5 posts on your account, you have to follow these instructions.


1KHxxtz.png Note, that some sections, such as Welcoming Plaza do not increase your post count. Sections with that restriction have a note in their description.


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10 hours ago, Midnight Solace said:

Ok So When I Click A Topic That I Created, It Says I "You Must Make At Least Five Posts Before I Can View This Forum"

It Was Working Fine Before, But When I Logged Back In And Tried To Check It, That's What Came Up.

So, Do I Really Need To Post More To View It?

Congrats you just hit five posts. :P


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