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Help With Changing My Voice For Acting

Master Chief

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I am trying to nail down a kind of feminine Rainbow Dash style kind of voice for a character, but I can't. My voice isn't that deep, so if anypony could give me tips on at least sort-of sounding like Rainbow Dash it would be much appreciated. I REALLY need help with this.

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I'm not sure if this will be helpful to you, but when I am doing impersonations I try to "become" that character in my head. I no longer follow my own string of thoughts, I act and think I like I am the character I am attempting to impersonate, and the final product usually ends up better in the process. Granted, my voice is much too deep to try to impersonate one of the main 6, but remember that Rainbow has that familiar "scratch" in her voice, so try to first master that. Once you have that down, try some familiar quotes from her like "It needs to be about 20% cooler." over and over again until it sounds right. Then you could mold that voice into your character's own personal voice.


Hope this helps.

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Yea there are some who like myself can pull of rarity with 0 problems mainly because I can get into character. This is acting and in voice acting you have to get into character. Slowly understand the characters mental processes. Is she happy?Is she sad? You need to put emotion into every line. and then the best way is listen to a line off the show a few times, record your voice and listen to it. take notes on your pitch and adjust for the next round of recording. This is a trick for accents as well in voice acting.


Your voice generally sounds different when recorded. so me for example from my stand point I have a low tone voice to everyone else and recording devices I have a dainty pitched voice which is useful.


do some chorus drills for annunciation and pitch. in chorus you generally learn to sing in 8 pitches for normal and 16 for advanced.




start at low and work your way up then go backwards.

after a while of doing this you will find you can set your voice at different speaking levels at will and voice acting is half done. the vocal is down just the method acting left.


I hope this helps

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