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Let's think about the implications, for a second


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People have been saying that the season 9 trailers are bringing the feels, and that one of the more important things that was teased was that Celestia and Luna would be retiring from their ruling over Equestria. But let's look past our feelings for a moment and look at the implications of this, shall we? First off- if Twilight (and of course, with her  friends) took over Equestria, they would have to be giving up the jobs they currently have.

Rarity, after working so hard to become a fashion icon, open three boutiques, and make a name for herself, and now being thrust into a teacher's position-

Rainbow Dash- after being captain of the weather team, finally getting a place within the ranks of the Wonderbolts, also acting as a teacher-

Apple Jack, with running the farm full time (which will only get worse if Big Mac moves out to provide assistance in startup farms in Sugarbelle's village, marries her, and starts a family of their own), caring for her family and being a teacher,

Pinkie, with her party planing for everyone in Ponyville, being a baker, a teacher, and babysitter for the Cake Twins,

Fluttershy, with running an animal sanctuary, caring for the pets in her house, and being a teacher,

and Twilight who.....is both a teacher and Principal...


There's NO WAY in Tartarus that any of thee ponies should be saddled with the extra responsibility of ruling Equestria- or- if the worst case scenario comes- that they'd need to lav all that they worked for behind, and take on this new full time position. They wouldn't have epic adventures anymore, no time for family or friends, their hard earned dreams or content lifestyles would be lost. And Twilight is nowhere near qualified to run a country- as she still freaks out about mundane things and has nearly succeeded in creating tensions between other lands that would result in war. I can't see this "we're retiring" schtic from the royal sisters being anything but a teas, much like we thought for Starlight, back in "Celestial Advice"

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