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Pony theory : Pinky Pie's parties


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Hi everyone ! SOOoooo...

I'm not entirely fond of this one, because it contradicts one of my previous theories... But, well : Pinky Pie is bankrolled by the EPU, the equestrian military.

Anyways ! Pinky Pie never seems to have any monetary issue for making her parties. In 'Super Speedy Cider Squeezy', the whole point of the prologue is that if you don't get in line BEFORE Pinky, she buys ALL the remaining cider; every; single; year ! Either she is paid to make parties, or someone is financing them. Turns out it's the latter : in 'Common ground' she mentions the Royal Order of Party Planners, so, yeah ! Parties are an institution in Equestria ! But whyyyy ?

The answer is found in 'the Rainbow Roadtrip' movie. Boy, Did that movie drop a ton of lore bombs ! Not least of them : Hopeless Magic !!! Now, I don't think it is a thing... My belief is that this is actually the exact opposite ! Ponies ALL have magic within them. One pony isn't much, but add up an entire community, and everything becomes easier ! Regular wolves and bears behave soft as marshmallows(as opposed to magical creatures such as Timberwolves and Ursas, who remain unaffected), the land becomes fertile, the weather is what you need it to be ! But then, if ponies become aggravated, selfish or generally unhappy, they subconsciously withdraw their magic, keep it to themselves... And researchers had to find a name for the lack of magic. hence, Hopeless magic : not a field you can study, just a lack of something so readily available everywhere else in Equestria...

With Hope Hollow as an example of an extreme case, we can also count Starlight Glimmer's village under Equalism, Canterlot under the Storm King's occupation,... When the colours are missing, that means the pony populace is depressed. How do you avoid these scenarios ? Simple ! Keep everypony's spirit high ! One festival a year isn't enough ? Festivals every other weeks of the year ! Still not enough ?  Well then, endorse party planners and spread them all accross the land to keep everyone in a happy and sharing mood ! That makes Cheese Sandwich, Pinky Pie and countless other party ponies' jobs... A matter of national security !

Your minds not blown yet ? Well, picture the approval process : a clown pony with a serious case of stage fright, and chancellor Naysay's brother going "weeeell... Make. Us. Laugh..."



That's a theory, fell free to agree or argue ! Have a nice day !    ;7


Sub theory : In 'the cutie Re-Mark', when Twilight grabs Starlight to show the damage they're causing, they end up in a desolate, sterile wasteland. what if this is Starlight's future ? The future where Starlight's Equalism became vastly popular and spread to every corner of Equestria ? But without ponies' magic, the land didn't go fertile at will, and only the most habitable environments are suitable anymore... Oooooooh the irony ! Starlight, getting convinced to stop her rampage, by the very world where she has triumphed !

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