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Hey, everpony!

It's your Super Duper Party Planning Pony, Pinkie Pie, here to wish you a Happy April!

With the month of April, comes another month of all things warm and nice!

However, it's not just a time for things to be warm. It's a time for parties!

As your resident party planning pony, I'm super duper excited to plan as many fun surprises as I can!

I do know that April Showers can bring May Flowers, but what if...we got ourselves April Chocolate Rain Showers!?

I might have to have a little chat with Discord about such an idea.

Anyway, it's not just a time for celebrations or parties! It's a time to bring smiles and laughter to all of my friends!

Which is why I want to celebrate the month of April as a time for laughter, joy and smiles to be had!

There's going to be some fun events for everypony to take part in! 

Are you excited!? I'm so excited! I've never been so excited! I mean, except for that one time I met Twilight and went *GAAAAAAASP*, but I mean, really. Who can top that?

Okie Dokie Artichoki! Time to go plan some amazing parties for you all! 

Happy April and don't forget the Happy Month of Smiles and Laughter, everypony!


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Did someone say Chocolate Rain? :blink:

🎵 I'd rather be dry, but at least I'm alive!
Rain on me, rain, rain~
Rain on me, rain, rain~
Rain (Rain) on (On) me.



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Laughter and Joy is probably one of the few things that transcends cultural differences, languages, etc - it is perhaps universal. It's something to not be overlooked. 

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I wonder if she's planning my birthday party? 

My birthday is only 11 days away after all. (If you include today. My birthday is the 18th)

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My friends, why grieve for a world of confusion, and do not let your mind fall into fearless sorrows


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