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gaming AlphaDream files for bankruptcy


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Well that sucks... Though admittedly the last entry into the series was not all that good and the remakes left something to be desired. Not to say I won't miss the series, because I will. :/

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Well, Mario & Luigi could still be continued by Nintendo or some other second-party company, I suppose.

If it's not, though, this might finally be the signal for Paper Mario to return to go back to its roots. For some reason (or at least as is stated publicly), Nintendo decided that Mario & Luigi would be the only Mario RPG series, so Paper Mario went down a different direction. Of course, there was probably much more going on behind the scenes, as that seems like a really bad reasoning to change Paper Mario - the series that came first.

However, if there is even an ounce of truth there, then they have no reason to not let Paper Mario be an RPG again.

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