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critique wanted It's all connected? A SCP File.


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Item #:SCP-MLP-817


Object Class:Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-MLP-817 is to be contained within a secure research facility designated Site-MLP. The portal leading to the My Little Pony world must remain under constant surveillance and be guarded at all times to prevent unauthorized access.


Research personnel interacting with SCP-MLP-817 must undergo psychological evaluations and follow strict protocols to prevent potential permanent transformations.


Description:SCP-MLP-817 is a stable, shimmering portal that manifests periodically in designated locations. Upon entry, humans are transformed into anthropomorphic ponies resembling characters from the "My Little Pony" franchise. 


Research logs and expedition reports gathered from the initial exploration of the portal indicate that prolonged exposure to the My Little Pony world results in irreversible transformations. 


Expedition Log - Researcher Sophie and Team:


Excerpt 1 - Initial Encounter


Researcher Sophie, a dedicated team lead, ventured through the portal for initial observations. Transcript reveals Sophie's fascination with the environment and her surprise at the transformation process. She maintained her glasses despite becoming a pony, citing poor eyesight.


Excerpt 2 - Study and Discovery


As time progressed, Sophie's team documented various aspects of the pony world. Sophie, now an anthropomorphic pony with a skin-colored body, a full blonde mane and tail, and grey eyes similar to her human form, showed immense interest in the behavioral patterns of the pony society.


Personal Notes - Researcher Sophie:


Sophie's notes detailed her experiences interacting with various inhabitants of the pony world. Her observations included encounters with random ponies displaying diverse personalities and traits. She expressed a desire to comprehend the intricacies of their culture and language.


Expedition Log - D-Class Personnel:


Additional tests involving D-Class personnel revealed a similar transformation process, confirming the risk of irreversible change with prolonged exposure. D-Class subjects displayed reluctance to return to the human world after experiencing life as ponies.


Research into potential means of reversing the transformation is ongoing, but Researcher Sophie, now fully integrated into the pony society, has voluntarily opted to remain within the My Little Pony world to continue her studies.


Addendum:Efforts to communicate with transformed individuals through the portal have been inconclusive. Research on the possibility of reversing transformations and understanding the dimensional nature of SCP-MLP-817 is ongoing.


Note:Requests for personal visits or interactions with Researcher Sophie in her pony form are pending authorization due to potential psychological effects on involved personnel.

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