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SCP Silky



Item #: SCP-XXXX


Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX, designated as "Star Silk," is to be housed in a specially designed containment chamber resembling a whimsical stable. The chamber is to be furnished with comfortable elements including plush bedding, various toys, and a small cauldron for potion brewing. Star Silk is allowed free movement within the designated facility area under supervision.


Description: SCP-XXXX appears as a pink pegasus pony with a flowing mane and tail made of silky material resembling strands of starlight. Notably, Star Silk possesses the ability to brew potions of various effects using an alchemical cauldron situated within its containment chamber. These concoctions range from healing elixirs to temporary transformations and are often labeled with hoof-written instructions.


Logs and Experiments:


Experiment Log XXXX-01: Potion Brewing

SCP personnel collaborated with Star Silk to create a variety of potions. Resulting concoctions include:

- Potion #001: Healing brew, effectively mends minor injuries.

- Potion #007: "Flutterfizz," a potion that induces temporary levitation for thirty minutes.

- Potion #013: "Gigglebrew," causing uncontrollable fits of laughter for up to an hour.


Experiment Log XXXX-05: D-Class Interaction

D-1138 was instructed to assist Star Silk in brewing a potion. Due to an unforeseen mishap, a spillage occurred, causing D-1138 to inadvertently come into contact with the concoction. Moments later, D-1138 exhibited rapid growth of petals and foliage, transforming into a plant resembling a daisy. Despite extensive efforts, reversal was unsuccessful, resulting in permanent vegetation.


Interview Log XXXX-08: Interaction with Star Silk

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Subject: Star Silk


Dr. ██████: Good afternoon, Star Silk. Can you explain what happened during Experiment XXXX-05?


Star Silk: Oh, dearie! It was an accident, I promise! D-1138 bumped the table, and the potion spilled all over 'em. I didn't mean for anyone to become a flower, honest!


Dr. ██████: Understood, Star Silk. We appreciate your cooperation. Is there anything we can do for D-1138?


Star Silk: I've been trying, but it seems they've taken a liking to being a flower. They don't seem distressed at all. Maybe some sunshine and water will do the trick?


Addendum: Star Silk's presence has positively impacted Foundation morale, and interactions are to continue within specified safety protocols. Experimentation involving living subjects requires prior approval from at least two Level 3 personnel.

Experiment Log XXXX-10: Therapeutic Potions
Star Silk was tasked with brewing potions aimed at soothing emotional distress and promoting well-being. Resulting concoctions include:
- Potion #025: "Calm Waters," inducing a state of relaxation and tranquility for a duration of one hour.
- Potion #032: "Joyful Sparkle," elevating mood and fostering feelings of happiness for a limited time.

Feedback from Foundation staff who volunteered to test these potions reported positive effects, with many expressing gratitude for the emotional support provided.

Experiment Log XXXX-15: Artistic Expression
Foundation personnel collaborated with Star Silk to explore the creative potential of its potion-making abilities. Together, they concocted:
- Potion #041: "Vivid Canvas," enhancing artistic inspiration and creativity for a period of two hours.

Various artists within the Foundation community used this potion, resulting in a surge of imaginative and colorful artwork, some of which have been displayed within the facility for aesthetic purposes.

Experiment Log XXXX-20: Friendship and Bonding
Star Silk was allowed supervised interactions with selected personnel to foster positive relationships and camaraderie within the Foundation. These interactions included:
- Storytelling sessions where Star Silk narrated tales from its homeland, captivating the audience with fantastical adventures.
- Recreational activities such as friendly races and games of tag, boosting morale among Foundation staff.

Feedback from staff members involved in these sessions indicated a notable increase in team spirit and a sense of unity among colleagues.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX continues to be a source of positive influence within the Foundation, promoting emotional well-being and strengthening bonds among personnel. Allowing these wholesome interactions contributes significantly to a more harmonious working environment.

Interview Log XXXX-12: Friendship Interaction


Interviewer: Dr. Morrison


Subject: Star Silk


Dr. Morrison: Good afternoon, Star Silk. How have you been finding your interactions with Foundation personnel?


Star Silk: Oh, hello there, Doctor! It's been simply splendid! Everyone's been so kind and friendly. I do adore making new friends.


Dr. Morrison: That's wonderful to hear. Have you noticed any changes or improvements in the atmosphere since you've been here?


Star Silk: Oh, yes! Everyone seems much happier lately. They smile more, and there's a sparkle in their eyes. It makes my heart soar to see everyone getting along and enjoying themselves.


Dr. Morrison: Your presence seems to have a positive impact on everyone. Do you have any particular favorites among the Foundation staff?


Star Silk: Oh, I couldn't possibly choose! Each person brings something special, and I cherish every friendship I've made here. But if I must say, the ones who enjoy storytelling with me bring such warmth to my heart.


Dr. Morrison: Your storytelling sessions have been well-received indeed. Is there anything specific you'd like to request or suggest for your containment or interactions?


Star Silk: Oh, I'm ever so grateful for everything you've provided. Maybe a little more space for galloping around during our games? Oh, and perhaps a bigger cauldron for potion-making adventures!


Dr. Morrison: We'll consider those requests. Thank you, Star Silk, for your cooperation and positivity. Your presence is a delight to us all.


Star Silk: The pleasure is mine, Doctor. I'm simply thrilled to be of help and bring a bit of joy to this wonderful place.


Addendum: SCP-XXXX continues to express contentment and enthusiasm in fostering friendships and creating a cheerful atmosphere. All requests made during the interview will be reviewed for feasibility within containment protocols.

Incident Report XXXX-27: The Chocolate Milk Delight




Location: SCP-XXXX's Containment Chamber


Incident Description: While conducting routine observations, security personnel placed a small container of chocolate milk within SCP-XXXX's containment chamber for documentation purposes. SCP-XXXX, unaware of the item's placement, wandered around its chamber engaging in various activities typical for its behavior.


Approximately 30 minutes after the container was left, SCP-XXXX noticed the chocolate milk. The entity cautiously approached the container, sniffed it, and proceeded to gently nuzzle and inspect it with curiosity. After a brief moment, SCP-XXXX delicately sipped from the container, displaying evident pleasure through a series of joyful hops and gleeful chirping sounds.


Witnessing this interaction, security personnel found SCP-XXXX's response endearing and continued to observe without intervening. SCP-XXXX, thoroughly enjoying the chocolate milk, engaged in an impromptu dance, creating a playful whirlwind with its starlight-like mane and tail.


SCP-XXXX spent approximately 15 minutes delighting in the chocolate milk before contentedly settling down, nuzzling the container affectionately, and eventually falling asleep next to it.


Post-Incident Observation Notes: SCP-XXXX's fondness for chocolate milk has been further documented and appears to evoke an enthusiastic and joyful response from the entity.


Addendum: Given SCP-XXXX's demonstrated affinity for chocolate milk, future interactions and provisions within SCP-XXXX's containment protocol may include occasional supervised indulgence with controlled portions of chocolate milk for enrichment and behavioral study.

Interview Log XXXX-63: Yearning Harmony


Interviewer: Dr. Alvarez


Subject: Star Silk


Dr. Alvarez: Good afternoon, Star Silk. You seem a bit subdued today. Is everything alright?


Star Silk: Oh, Doctor, I've been feeling a bit down. I've been thinking a lot about someone special, someone I miss dearly.


Dr. Alvarez: Someone special? Could you share more about this individual?


Star Silk: He was a wonderful pegasus, just like me. His love for music, especially rock, was boundless. We'd spend hours soaring through the skies, harmonizing with the wind and creating melodies together. But one day, he had to leave, and I've missed him and his music terribly ever since.


Dr. Alvarez: It sounds like this friend meant a lot to you. Can you recall any specific details about him that might help us find him?


Star Silk: He had a charm about him, a mischievous glint in his eye. His favorite guitar was adorned with stars, much like my mane. That's all I can remember.


Dr. Alvarez: We understand the importance of companionship, Star Silk. The Foundation will do its utmost to locate this friend of yours.


Star Silk: Really? Oh, thank you, Doctor! Your kindness means the world to me.


Foundation Efforts:


A specialized team of Foundation agents was assigned to investigate various anomalous activities associated with rock music and winged entities in search of an individual matching Star Silk's description.


Update to Interview Log XXXX-63: Reunion


Interviewer: Dr. Alvarez


Subject: Star Silk


Dr. Alvarez: Star Silk, I have some incredible news. We believe we've found your friend.


Star Silk: You have? Oh, my stars! Where is he?


Dr. Alvarez: He's en route to our facility. He was ecstatic at the thought of reuniting with you, to share his love for rock music and soar through the skies together once again.


Star Silk: I... I'm beyond words. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much!


Addendum:SCP-XXXX's missing friend, a male pegasus with a passion for rock music, has been located. Efforts to reunite SCP-XXXX with its companion are underway, anticipating a positive impact on SCP-XXXX's emotional well-being within the facility.

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Oh my gosh, what is this? I am so curious rofl!!

On 11/22/2023 at 7:59 PM, Sophie H. said:

Star Silk: Oh, dearie! It was an accident, I promise! D-1138 bumped the table, and the potion spilled all over 'em. I didn't mean for anyone to become a flower, honest!

I REMEMBER THIS!! Rofl!! Omg @Compget Starbucks immediately! #You had to be there rofl 

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13 minutes ago, Silky The Smoll said:

Oh my gosh, what is this? I am so curious rofl!!

I REMEMBER THIS!! Rofl!! Omg @Compget Starbucks immediately! #You had to be there rofl 

Just observing and documenting Silky :Pip-giggle:

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On 11/22/2023 at 7:59 PM, Sophie H. said:

a passion for rock music, has been located. Efforts to reunite SCP-XXXX with its companion are underway, anticipating a positive impact on SCP-XXXX's emotional well-being within the facility.

Omg omg this was soooo cute!!! @Sir Hugsalot

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