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Stallion in bed

Windy Breeze

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Arrow Range in bed 5 days after getting bitten by a 'crazy' mare.

This will took place in Dead Zone: Ponyville, however as long as Dead Equestria isn't complete, this story won't be available. 


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One of the first things I ever did on this site was participate in a zombie apocalypse roleplay. It was like the real world but ponies instead of people. We were in a small town all staying in a hotel, already fully aware of the outbreak and kind of just left to our own devices. Don't remember a whole lot of what others were doing. Some talked about missing loved ones, one guy decided he was going to play some Avenged Sevenfold on a piano which introduced me to them for the first time so that was kind of sweet. I went to a local hardware store, got injured while clearing the place out I think? Something like aisle shelving coming down on me. I was the only one actually prepping for combat and stuff, lol. Few people were actually interacting with each other so it died off within a week or so I believe. Still fun.

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