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no critique Doodle dump

Disky Bolt

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A parody to "Blue angel", a type of planeUntitled12-1.thumb.png.63ba57b462e10b12b29067d9793e3008.png

Never give a 5-year-old a violin as toy. Never. Untitled85_20200112200123.thumb.png.67a387fd37f385b3ccf20c5744930d72.png

A lot of us can relate~Untitled105.thumb.png.2055a3aba772ea3ae10b21f503b86f99.png

Additional panel : The professor staring at the mare disdainfully while holding a DSM-V and aiming at herUntitled110.thumb.png.51732c31d6910c83c78f1c2c66374fbd.png

I hate workingUntitled82.thumb.png.f2ed79ce5b1eafefdedeb4f94a556473.png

Poor chickenUntitled43.thumb.png.7a3def0d00c0cd24be58509db29f2287.png

@Meson Bolt




A stonks pony doing her stonks daydreamingUntitled79.thumb.png.45e35da1cd0560a8dfa1e3d05b25452f.png

No contentUntitled112_20200214223044.thumb.png.d6204aed780fcecaf11117c3b9b58c96.png

My first impression of Pony Life(smarmy smiles) :Untitled75.thumb.png.b1740acd5d7a44aac9df800e7bf26e6a.png

Powercry! (oc is Moorish Delight, belongs to a friend) Untitled91_20200126221954.thumb.png.3dc68f16de2235f429294f85550a8972.pngUntitled93_20200126222005.thumb.png.ef95c96e5dd2566784bc97f2bba6aca5.png

No contentIMG_20200215_004233.thumb.jpg.fa641337f38aaab22557a1527dd1d055.jpg

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