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movies/tv Shows that weren't picked up as a series/never came to be.


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One thing I think some people don't realize is how many TV shows never make it past the pilot. Even getting a network to greenlight a pilot for your show is a major accomplishment. For every show that gets picked up, many more shows don't even get past the pitch.

So, let's have a thread discussing shows that didn't make it past their pilot episodes, and faded into obscurity.


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How about the failed pilot of The Adventures of Crash Nebula from Fairly Odd Parents? They had an entire episode about it, but nothing ever really came of it.

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Heil Honey I'm Home is a... thing that exists... One of those things I'm glad did. A bad sitcom starring Hitler isn't necessarily a welcome idea to me. Though JoJo Rabbit is supposedly a decent if not really good movie, so maybe Hitler as a non-antagonist can work...? :huh:

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