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movies/tv The Jetsons and Back To The Future comparison

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Hello! So, I’d like to compare The Jetsons and Back To The Future. The things I’m gonna compare are: 1. Technology 2. Predictions (of anything) 3. Product placement (if there is any). So, I’ll start by bringing up The Jetsons. So, here’s some technology on The Jetsons. 1. The Food-A-Rack-A-Cycle (a thing that prepares food) 2. Televiewer (basically a prediction of a computer. You read newspapers on it which is the equivalent of news articles on the computer) 3. (Literally) flat screen TV (A CRT TV that’s literally flat.)  Now, here’s some technology on Back To The Future. 1. Hologram movies and hologram advertisements 2. TV that plays multiple channels at the same time. Now, here’s some predictions. Jetsons: 1. Traffic/flying cara. Back To The Future: 1. Traffic/flying cars. Now, here’s some product placement on Back To The Future. 1. Pepsi Perfect (a prediction of Pepsi. The Jetsons doesn’t seem to have any product placement from what I’ve seen.)

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