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What is your OC's Wingpower?


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Now this question is more specifically towards pegasus OCs (or batpony OC's). If you have a pegasus OC, what is his/her wingpower number? In the episode "Hurricane Fluttershy" we were introduced to the concept of wingpower, which is a measurement for how strong and fast a pegasus's wings are. It's hard to tell what wingpower would equate to in mph, but we do know that the average wingpower for a pegasus is around 9-10 (at least that was implied in the episode). So yeah, I'm curious to see what the wingpower is for your pegasus OC, if you have one. If you have more than one, like me, feel free to share the wingpower for as many as you want.

I have tons of Pegasus OCs, so finding the WP for all would take a while. Instead, I just picked out some of my more prevalent pegasus OCs.

  • Double Flame: Somewhere in between 18-22
  • Rivetwing: 7
  • StormFlower: 9
  • SparkFire: 11
  • Savvy Splash: 6.5
  • Flutterblue: 4
  • Mystic Flight: 4.5
  • WindSkipper: 16
  • Midnight Eclipse: 15.5
  • Brohoof 1
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Great, something to bring up my old OC again.

I'd say Dusky Wings has a plenty of wingpower on him, since he goes on adventures on a frequent basis. But I imagine he'd be more about agility than speed so... maybe around 19

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