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resolved Is there a limit to how many topics are locked?


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@DivineNightmare1000 let me clarify ... 


No! Full stop! There is no metric on whether or not someone will be banned. There should not be and there never will be. 


This is why I am against our current system where we add notations when ever there is a moderator action. It is why I do not personally add notes to the system when I reach out to someone unless the notation is particularly problematic (overt racism, losing ones shit, ect). There is usually this idea with some that once a user has x amount of notations on their account .... or x warnings .... time to go. In fact, the quickest way to get me to suspect a ban is based on bias is to hear the dreaded, "How long can we deal with these notes?".


The diligent searcher will be able to find several times that I have stated that being banned on MLPF is rare. It has been long established precedent to be the case. An honest mistake could also be just letting yourself get caught up in passions. As long as it isn't a toxic element to the community, and we have exhausted all other efforts to keep it from reoccurring, and it doesn't happen so frequently that it causes whiplash ... you should be good. 

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